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This page provides you with up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums, per year, per decade and of all-time, on Spotify.

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

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Most streamed albums: 1999

Last updated on 05/13/21
RankCoverArtistAlbumTotal StreamsDaily StreamsEAS
1Dr.Dr. Dre20012,321,328,2001,479,1372,317,590
2RedRed Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)2,190,170,7081,427,3632,186,644
3blink-182blink-182Enema Of The State1,330,764,271863,0311,328,621
4BackstreetBackstreet BoysMillennium1,070,504,059718,4071,068,780
5EminemEminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)886,668,029518,571885,240
6Destiny'sDestiny's ChildThe Writing's On The Wall818,786,635477,730817,468
8SlipknotSlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)605,186,765399,517604,212
9BritneyBritney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)598,190,273495,844597,227
10VariousVarious ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)581,522,632337,314580,586
11IncubusIncubusMake Yourself580,363,922333,210579,429

Breakdowns (sorted by alphabetical order)

Backstreet BoysMillenniumBack to Your Heart6,493,1376,483
Backstreet BoysMillenniumNo One Else Comes Close6,881,1246,870
Backstreet BoysMillenniumDon't Want You Back13,990,01613,967
Backstreet BoysMillenniumIt's Gotta Be You14,892,63114,869
Backstreet BoysMillenniumShow Me the Meaning of Being Lonely93,663,89193,513
Backstreet BoysMillenniumThe One33,227,31933,174
Backstreet BoysMillenniumI Want It That Way761,800,586760,574
Backstreet BoysMillenniumI Need You Tonight12,660,67812,640
Backstreet BoysMillenniumThe Perfect Fan6,002,0845,992
Backstreet BoysMillenniumDon't Wanna Lose You Now12,991,64212,971
Backstreet BoysMillenniumLarger Than Life102,518,710102,354
Backstreet BoysMillenniumSpanish Eyes5,382,2415,374
Backstreet BoysMillennium1,070,504,0591,068,780
blink-182Enema Of The StateWendy Clear14,370,46514,347
blink-182Enema Of The StateAnthem21,635,95321,601
blink-182Enema Of The StateDysentery Gary21,357,80321,323
blink-182Enema Of The StateDon't Leave Me25,833,73825,792
blink-182Enema Of The StateAll The Small Things547,875,655546,993
blink-182Enema Of The StateThe Party Song26,136,20826,094
blink-182Enema Of The StateAliens Exist35,769,75335,712
blink-182Enema Of The StateMutt31,292,63931,242
blink-182Enema Of The StateWhat's My Age Again?362,998,238362,414
blink-182Enema Of The StateGoing Away To College31,744,58031,693
blink-182Enema Of The StateDumpweed37,322,68237,263
blink-182Enema Of The StateAdam's Song174,426,557174,146
blink-182Enema Of The State1,330,764,2711,328,621
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)...Baby One More Time - Davidson Ospina Radio Mix1,050,5371,049
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)I Will Still Love You (with Don Philip)2,361,8272,358
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)(You Drive Me) Crazy48,469,70948,392
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Autumn Goodbye2,203,4162,200
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Sometimes95,260,77395,107
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)I Will Be There3,607,8453,602
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Deep In My Heart2,295,5252,292
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)...Baby One More Time388,050,155387,425
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)...Baby One More Time - Boy Wunder Radio Mix854,454853
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Born to Make You Happy30,020,88429,973
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)The Beat Goes On1,930,9481,928
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Thinkin' About You1,945,7011,943
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)I'll Never Stop Loving You2,027,4432,024
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)E-Mail My Heart1,999,8681,997
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Soda Pop3,307,1863,302
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)From the Bottom of My Broken Heart12,804,00212,783
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)598,190,273597,227
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallWhere'd You Go2,308,6522,305
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallIntro (The Writing's On The Wall)1,022,8111,021
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallOutro (Amazing Grace...dedicated to Andretta Tillman)1,213,8141,212
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallConfessions (feat. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott)3,637,8133,632
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallBills, Bills, Bills92,863,31792,714
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallSo Good12,229,28112,210
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallShe Can't Love You3,030,9853,026
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallNow That She's Gone2,989,9392,985
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallBug a Boo (H-Town Screwed Mix)19,394,60319,363
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallStay2,257,2522,254
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallIf You Leave (feat. Next)3,104,1973,099
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallTemptation6,229,7756,220
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallJumpin', Jumpin'181,093,188180,802
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallHey Ladies3,541,2753,536
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallSweet Sixteen1,414,9811,413
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallSay My Name482,454,752481,678
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The Wall818,786,635817,468
Dr. Dre2001Xxplosive132,066,471131,854
Dr. Dre2001Let's Get High35,975,25935,917
Dr. Dre2001Lolo - Intro11,909,10911,890
Dr. Dre2001Ed-Ucation10,427,69310,411
Dr. Dre2001Housewife16,119,06116,093
Dr. Dre2001Bar One12,677,05412,657
Dr. Dre2001Murder Ink18,371,57618,342
Dr. Dre2001The Watcher58,281,39158,188
Dr. Dre2001What's The Difference204,633,071204,304
Dr. Dre2001Light Speed18,429,52018,400
Dr. Dre2001Big Ego's31,486,99331,436
Dr. Dre2001Bang Bang33,379,41833,326
Dr. Dre2001Fuck You61,079,36460,981
Dr. Dre2001The Next Episode506,047,628505,233
Dr. Dre2001Ackrite16,373,60616,347
Dr. Dre2001The Car Bomb10,220,56610,204
Dr. Dre2001Outro10,00910
Dr. Dre2001Some L.A. Niggaz16,896,06116,869
Dr. Dre2001Still D.R.E.671,991,054670,909
Dr. Dre2001Bitch Niggaz25,424,14825,383
Dr. Dre2001Pause 4 Porno6,554,1916,544
Dr. Dre2001The Message22,834,20022,797
Dr. Dre2001Forgot About Dre400,140,757399,496
Dr. Dre20012,321,328,2002,317,590
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)My Name Is302,047,425301,561
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Greg - A Cappella2,231,5032,228
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)'97 Bonnie & Clyde22,772,71022,736
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)As The World Turns21,951,69321,916
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Guilty Conscience - A Cappella1,366,4761,364
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Lounge - Skit9,937,6089,922
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Hazardous Youth - A Cappella2,372,7532,369
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Guilty Conscience - Instrumental1,435,8321,434
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Guilty Conscience113,673,958113,491
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)I'm Shady22,987,85022,951
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Still Don't Give A Fuck31,745,55031,694
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Bitch4,7685
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Get You Mad4,441,2604,434
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Role Model81,644,40681,513
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Guilty Conscience - Radio Version2,583,3472,579
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Bad Guys Always Die - From "Wild Wild West" Soundtrack5,392,0015,383
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Paul - Skit6,0356
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Just Don't Give A Fuck64,245,64564,142
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)My Fault18,933,63218,903
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Public Service Announcement12,450,15712,430
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Just Don't Give A Fuck - Instrumental1,583,5911,581
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)My Name Is - Instrumental1,548,6521,546
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Bad Meets Evil23,153,49323,116
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Just Don't Give A Fuck - A Cappella1,588,6151,586
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Ken Kaniff - Skit8,765,1148,751
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)If I Had26,100,32926,058
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Soap - Skit9,289,6569,275
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Cum On Everybody16,337,01616,311
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Brain Damage37,375,90437,316
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Rock Bottom38,701,05038,639
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)886,668,029885,240
IncubusMake YourselfConsequence5,882,6635,873
IncubusMake YourselfThe Warmth13,891,19713,869
IncubusMake YourselfI Miss You25,154,34325,114
IncubusMake YourselfWhen It Comes5,206,8445,198
IncubusMake YourselfClean8,687,3278,673
IncubusMake YourselfBattlestar Scralatchtica3,881,8273,876
IncubusMake YourselfPardon Me119,015,724118,824
IncubusMake YourselfNowhere Fast8,354,6468,341
IncubusMake YourselfPrivilege9,687,7729,672
IncubusMake YourselfStellar43,540,70943,471
IncubusMake YourselfOut from Under3,709,2233,703
IncubusMake YourselfMake Yourself10,731,65310,714
IncubusMake YourselfDrive322,619,994322,100
IncubusMake Yourself580,363,922579,429
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Over Funk - 2006 Remaster7,343,9747,332
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Around the World102,089,767101,925
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Get on Top32,714,42132,662
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Savior15,178,33315,154
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Purple Stain16,821,57016,794
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Scar Tissue411,331,719410,669
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Parallel Universe70,199,70370,087
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Road Trippin'104,106,141103,938
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Quixoticelixer - 2006 Remaster12,293,63112,274
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)I Like Dirt14,711,24014,688
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Emit Remmus15,528,69115,504
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Fat Dance - 2006 Remaster6,715,4036,705
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Easily41,341,00241,274
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Californication752,578,195751,366
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)This Velvet Glove36,947,46936,888
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Otherside513,240,541512,414
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Right on Time12,851,96412,831
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Porcelain24,176,94424,138
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)2,190,170,7082,186,644
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Surfacing44,186,77944,116
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)7426170000278,864,0438,850
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Liberate24,454,66024,415
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)No Life11,741,13711,722
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Diluted9,951,7359,936
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)(sic)62,633,78762,533
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Spit It Out - Stamp You out Mix3,648,9233,643
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Despise - Demo2,809,5942,805
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Scissors7,935,8337,923
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Tattered & Torn10,160,77310,144
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Me Inside8,654,9138,641
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Wait and Bleed - Demo3,067,4853,063
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Wait and Bleed199,585,495199,264
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Spit It Out86,846,93686,707
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)(sic) - Molt-Injected Mix3,423,9443,418
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Purity18,892,03318,862
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Interloper - Demo3,460,4583,455
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Get This7,656,7287,644
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Prosthetics10,136,11810,120
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Eeyore8,503,4268,490
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Spit It Out - Hyper Version6,056,6876,047
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Eyeless49,294,33749,215
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Snap - Demo4,720,5724,713
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Only One8,500,3698,487
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)605,186,765604,212
TLCFanmailDear Lie3,258,4643,253
TLCFanmailDon't Pull Out on Me Yet672,697672
TLCFanmailCommunicate - Interlude440,135439
TLCFanmailWhispering Playa - Interlude602,306601
TLCFanmailI'm Good at Being Bad1,960,5321,957
TLCFanmailNo Scrubs569,769,240568,852
TLCFanmailCome On Down799,158798
TLCFanmailThe Vic-E Interpretation - Interlude - Dirty Version00
TLCFanmailMy Life1,114,4061,113
TLCFanmailIf They Knew1,123,1551,121
TLCFanmailI Miss You So Much3,181,4233,176
TLCFanmailSilly Ho5,251,2665,243
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Son of Man59,489,54459,394
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Two Worlds - Radio Version13,685,36413,663
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)One Family9,992,6269,977
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Two Worlds38,762,47038,700
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)A Wondrous Place6,398,2766,388
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Strangers Like Me120,086,634119,893
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Trashin' The Camp37,865,13637,804
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)You'll Be In My Heart217,063,025216,713
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Trashin' The Camp15,056,75415,033
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)The Gorillas3,698,0743,692
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)You'll Be In My Heart41,705,15841,638
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Two Worlds Reprise7,260,1787,248
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Two Worlds Finale6,076,6146,067
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Moves Like an Ape, Looks Like a Man4,382,7794,376
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)581,522,632580,586
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I checked 2009, Madonna’s greatest hits album “Celebration” has 823 million plays. Why it isn’t into the top 15?


The title of this page is Spotify most streamed studio albums so compilations are obviously not included

Last edited 3 hours ago by Al

Funny how marian’s daydream outstreamed celine dion’s Falling into you and let’s talk about love while daydream only sold around 20m pure sale and celine’s two albums both sold amost 30m pure sale


“Pink Friday Roman Reloaded” has a full version called “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded + The Re-Up” with more streams (1,5 billion)
plssss notice me……


Hi, I have a question. Where is Fearless (Taylor’s Version)?


theres a glitch in the 2000s, 90s and 80s

Julie Michaels

Beyoncé’s B’Day in 2006 is excluding “Check On It” (57 million) and “Get Me Bodied” (19 million) both on the standard version and counting on her page in streaming pool but no here.


Read my comments on the previous page (Page 6), in reply to the same question from
“elliofun”, for an explanation.

Last edited 12 days ago by Martin
Poster Print

This list is missing Ellie Goulding- Halcyon Days which has around 1.34B streams.

Some versions on Spotify include I Need Your Love & Beating Heart which would be another 415M streams but I’ve only counted the streams on the edition that comes up on Ellie’s spotify page.

Last edited 13 days ago by Poster Print
El Jolito

Rock ruled the 90s!


And the genre is pretty popular with catalog streams, arguably performing better, at least on Spotify, than old pop records. It’s immense decline of popularity with younger folks since the 00s, which is reflected in the charts, is the part that ultimately leaves me scratching my head.

El Jolito

Yes I don’t quite understand it, but if you look at the UK charts at least, there is a growing number of compilations in the charts from old artists. Queen, Fleetwood mac and Elton John are doing incredibly well and have been for a while as well as Oasis. Rock is definitely doing better than old pop is. Look at Madonna’s streams compared to Guns n roses or Nirvana.


I was floored when I looked up Madonna‘s streams. They are abysmal for her status as an artist. Maybe she isn’t connecting with the newer generation as much. But I‘m sure her streams will go up when that documentary film is ready for the big screen, which really helped Queen and Elton John with their current explosion on streaming services.

Johnny be Good

What strikes ma about Madonna’s streaming numbers is that they are not just lower than rock acts (something which I expected), but that they are lower than Mariah Carey’s and Whitney Houston’s. I think that Madonna still suffers from the backlash of “American Life” in the USA, which limits her appeal in the world’s biggest market, and also, in the past 15 years she did everything she could to damage her reputation to the younger generation.


In all fairness, there is next to nothing between Madonna and Houston on Spotify and over 500m towards Houstons total, comes from the posthumous Higher Love single, which is really a Kygo track IMO. On top of that, Houstons death clearly helped elevate her streaming figures.

Also, if you were to exclude Careys abnormally and insanely popular Christmas track, her “normal” catalogue is pretty much in the same ball park as the other two.

Johnny be Good

Yes Whitney has a streaming era hit with “Higher Love”, I forgot about it 😀 Even discounting Whitney’s posthumous hit and Mariah’s perennial Christmas hit I think that Madonna’s numbers are a bit disappointing. If we discount Mariah’s Christmas hit she and Madonna ends up with basically the same streaming numbers, something that honestly is surprising considering Mariah’s limited appeal outside of the USA. Per example “Deaydream” has 500 mln streams on Spotify, almost the same as “Like a Virgin” and more than “True Blue”, “Like a Prayer” and “Ray of Light”. Songs like “Always be my Baby” or “Hero”… Read more »


I agree and I’ve often said, considering how huge Madonnas star was and how universal she was, that her current popularity is very, very disappointing. Being British and being old enough to have witnessed all threes careers from the beginning, Madonna and Houstons tracks are just so much more well known and recognisable to me and I’d say the majority of Brits. They both have so many classic tracks, that transcended genre and became true mainstream hits, unlike Carey, who I’d say only really has All I Want and even that took years, to grow into the beast it has… Read more »

Last edited 11 days ago by Martin
Johnny be Good

Well here in Italy Madonna is insanely popular so, maybe that’s why I am a bit schocked by her streaming results. Even relatively minor hits of her still get some airplay on the radio like “Who’s that girl”, “Secret” or “You’ll see”. There is a special link between Madonna and Italy, probably due to the fact she was very proud of her italian origin .Whitney here is pretty popular too, probably the second most popular foreign diva after Madonna. Apart from her classics (“I will always love you”, “I have nothing” and I wanna dance with somebody”) here “All at… Read more »


It seems Italys love and appreciation of those three, pretty much mirrors that of the UK, with Madonna way out in front of the other two, when it’s comes to popularity, sales and recognisability, then Houston, then Carey.

That’s my favourite Houston track also.


It all depends on where you came from. Im from Asia and its safe to say Mariah Carey was far bigger than Whitney was here and especially Madonna. Dont think Madonna ever exploded the way that Mariah did here in Asia, not even close. Plus I could be wrong, but I think Madonna failed to appeal to the younger audience in the US considering how urban American music is these days. Whitney & Mariah always have the pop/soul/R&B thing going on, so they probably have bigger support from the younger generation compared to Madonna.


Madonna’s underperformance on Spotify is 100% because of USA, if you check the Rolling Stone Top500 chart, she’s bubbling around #400-#450 which is terrible compared to Mariah and Whitney who have double the weekly streams of Madonna in the USA… and Also when you check Madonna’s most popular cities in Spotify it’s mostly Latin American and European cities. and Also another indicator is Madonna’s hits that were only big in USA (such as Take A Bow) have terribly low numbers, but when it comes to her hits that are more popular outside of the US like Hung Up and La… Read more »


What could truly help Madonna’s catalog to be revived / more appreciated is either a new hit which seems unlikely at this point because of how she killed her career with her last 4 albums, or the movie coming up. if that movie does well it could do wonders


From what I’ve seen old artists and songs can get resurges out of nowhere these days due to TikTok and such so you never know really.

Last edited 9 days ago by Martin

The US only represents about 20% of Spotify users now, so even if she did terrible there it wouldn’t affect overall totals as much as you want to believe.


Isn’t the connection with the new things the only problem. She probably has the WORST team out there, most of her singles are uploaded 2-3 times (few even 4) and the streams are getting splitted. On the other hand most of her big singles are promoted by her greatest hits album “Celebration”, so, many streams go in that album instead in her studio ones. Its a whole mess, cause when people discover Madonna songs they like, if they want to listen to more of her albums, they’ll probably click and stream the Celebration album instead of her studio ones, that… Read more »

Johnny be Good

Do you think the growing number of old rock compilations on charts might be related to the growing vinyl revival?


No, it’s completely down to streaming. Sure, adding vinyl sales helps, but regardless of all the headlines about increases in vinyl sales, they are not adding that much relatively.

The reason Oasis, Queen, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Guns N Roses etc do well in the UK album chart, is because their “Best Of” tracks are streaming in huge numbers, week in week out.


“Pink Friday Roman Reloaded” has a full version called “Pink Friday Roman Reloaded + The Re-Up” with more streams (1,5 billion)

plssss notice me……


Is Taylor’s Fearless (TV) gonna be on the 2021 list or added to the 2008 version?

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