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This page provides you with up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums, per year, per decade and of all-time, on Spotify.

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

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Most streamed albums: 1999

Last updated on 09/27/21
RankCoverArtistAlbumTotal StreamsDaily StreamsEAS
1Dr.Dr. Dre20012,513,221,7201,211,5922,509,175
2RedRed Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)2,380,739,5961,237,4182,376,906
3blink-182blink-182Enema Of The State1,447,402,724718,5651,445,072
4BackstreetBackstreet BoysMillennium1,165,235,359610,4611,163,359
5EminemEminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)953,522,038408,960951,987
6Destiny'sDestiny's ChildThe Writing's On The Wall932,794,859650,788931,293
7SmashSmash MouthAstro Lounge749,868,607320,959748,661
9SlipknotSlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)665,177,446363,909664,106
10BritneyBritney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)664,617,155409,871663,547
11VariousVarious ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)625,638,309290,346624,631
12IncubusIncubusMake Yourself623,186,473264,056622,183
13SantanaSantanaSupernatural (Remastered)538,457,860296,646537,591

Breakdowns (sorted by alphabetical order)

Backstreet BoysMillenniumBack to Your Heart6,946,2836,935
Backstreet BoysMillenniumNo One Else Comes Close7,397,1297,385
Backstreet BoysMillenniumDon't Want You Back15,067,81715,044
Backstreet BoysMillenniumIt's Gotta Be You16,108,76216,083
Backstreet BoysMillenniumShow Me the Meaning of Being Lonely102,899,955102,734
Backstreet BoysMillenniumThe One36,022,92335,965
Backstreet BoysMillenniumI Want It That Way829,316,349827,981
Backstreet BoysMillenniumI Need You Tonight13,630,33413,608
Backstreet BoysMillenniumThe Perfect Fan6,362,6266,352
Backstreet BoysMillenniumDon't Wanna Lose You Now14,183,82414,161
Backstreet BoysMillenniumLarger Than Life111,536,852111,357
Backstreet BoysMillenniumSpanish Eyes5,762,5055,753
Backstreet BoysMillennium1,165,235,3591,163,359
blink-182Enema Of The StateWendy Clear15,344,79815,320
blink-182Enema Of The StateAnthem23,323,98023,286
blink-182Enema Of The StateDysentery Gary22,871,62622,835
blink-182Enema Of The StateDon't Leave Me27,860,95527,816
blink-182Enema Of The StateAll The Small Things600,066,913599,101
blink-182Enema Of The StateThe Party Song27,986,43127,941
blink-182Enema Of The StateAliens Exist39,275,97839,213
blink-182Enema Of The StateMutt34,072,36234,017
blink-182Enema Of The StateWhat's My Age Again?392,786,884392,154
blink-182Enema Of The StateGoing Away To College34,498,42034,443
blink-182Enema Of The StateDumpweed40,859,03540,793
blink-182Enema Of The StateAdam's Song188,455,342188,152
blink-182Enema Of The State1,447,402,7241,445,072
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)...Baby One More Time - Davidson Ospina Radio Mix1,134,1861,132
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)I Will Still Love You (with Don Philip)2,539,2282,535
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)(You Drive Me) Crazy53,724,86053,638
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Autumn Goodbye2,370,1282,366
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Sometimes105,229,318105,060
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)I Will Be There3,911,9133,906
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Deep In My Heart2,477,1362,473
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)...Baby One More Time432,336,326431,640
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)...Baby One More Time - Boy Wunder Radio Mix919,995919
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Born to Make You Happy33,499,73333,446
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)The Beat Goes On2,093,4432,090
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Thinkin' About You2,095,2032,092
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)I'll Never Stop Loving You2,182,0602,179
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)E-Mail My Heart2,156,4782,153
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)Soda Pop3,568,9613,563
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)From the Bottom of My Broken Heart14,378,18714,355
Britney Spears...Baby One More Time (Digital Deluxe Version)664,617,155663,547
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallWhere'd You Go2,433,5342,430
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallIntro (The Writing's On The Wall)1,075,2511,074
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallOutro (Amazing Grace...dedicated to Andretta Tillman)1,266,7191,265
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallConfessions (feat. Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott)3,855,2993,849
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallBills, Bills, Bills149,163,220148,923
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallSo Good14,153,86614,131
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallShe Can't Love You3,177,0263,172
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallNow That She's Gone3,195,9913,191
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallBug a Boo (H-Town Screwed Mix)20,953,56520,920
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallStay2,382,4102,379
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallIf You Leave (feat. Next)3,286,1573,281
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallTemptation6,587,0946,576
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallJumpin', Jumpin'195,937,271195,622
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallHey Ladies3,722,7693,717
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallSweet Sixteen1,478,6591,476
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The WallSay My Name520,126,028519,288
Destiny's ChildThe Writing's On The Wall932,794,859931,293
Dr. Dre2001Xxplosive145,179,807144,946
Dr. Dre2001Let's Get High37,971,37037,910
Dr. Dre2001Lolo - Intro12,425,86012,406
Dr. Dre2001Ed-Ucation10,929,30710,912
Dr. Dre2001Housewife17,062,27817,035
Dr. Dre2001Bar One13,251,79513,230
Dr. Dre2001Murder Ink19,392,49719,361
Dr. Dre2001The Watcher62,491,00762,390
Dr. Dre2001What's The Difference222,361,732222,004
Dr. Dre2001Light Speed19,406,25519,375
Dr. Dre2001Big Ego's33,381,58233,328
Dr. Dre2001Bang Bang35,930,03435,872
Dr. Dre2001Fuck You65,818,42665,712
Dr. Dre2001The Next Episode543,045,454542,171
Dr. Dre2001Ackrite17,301,80317,274
Dr. Dre2001The Car Bomb10,678,95310,662
Dr. Dre2001Outro11,06211
Dr. Dre2001Some L.A. Niggaz17,811,56417,783
Dr. Dre2001Still D.R.E.735,314,222734,130
Dr. Dre2001Bitch Niggaz27,107,07327,063
Dr. Dre2001Pause 4 Porno6,836,8096,826
Dr. Dre2001The Message26,395,52026,353
Dr. Dre2001Forgot About Dre433,117,310432,420
Dr. Dre20012,513,221,7202,509,175
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)My Name Is328,477,710327,949
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Greg - A Cappella2,455,5932,452
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)'97 Bonnie & Clyde24,204,60024,166
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)As The World Turns23,440,14123,402
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Guilty Conscience - A Cappella1,493,9091,492
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Lounge - Skit10,471,29810,454
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Hazardous Youth - A Cappella2,607,1372,603
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Guilty Conscience - Instrumental1,576,4701,574
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Guilty Conscience121,017,524120,823
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)I'm Shady24,470,89824,431
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Still Don't Give A Fuck34,184,49034,129
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Bitch5,3415
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Get You Mad4,819,1864,811
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Role Model87,370,40687,230
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Guilty Conscience - Radio Version2,823,6902,819
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Bad Guys Always Die - From "Wild Wild West" Soundtrack5,911,9945,902
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Paul - Skit6,3696
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Just Don't Give A Fuck69,018,11168,907
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)My Fault20,279,15620,247
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Public Service Announcement13,288,37913,267
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Just Don't Give A Fuck - Instrumental1,741,9621,739
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)My Name Is - Instrumental1,710,6501,708
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Bad Meets Evil24,614,75224,575
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Just Don't Give A Fuck - A Cappella1,740,0891,737
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Ken Kaniff - Skit9,238,6369,224
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)If I Had27,823,18127,778
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Soap - Skit9,782,7749,767
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Cum On Everybody17,417,73917,390
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Brain Damage39,998,71939,934
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)Rock Bottom41,531,13441,464
EminemThe Slim Shady LP (Expanded Edition)953,522,038951,987
IncubusMake YourselfConsequence6,225,4576,215
IncubusMake YourselfThe Warmth14,962,58814,938
IncubusMake YourselfI Miss You26,760,42426,717
IncubusMake YourselfWhen It Comes5,511,4865,503
IncubusMake YourselfClean9,162,4149,148
IncubusMake YourselfBattlestar Scralatchtica4,088,2424,082
IncubusMake YourselfPardon Me128,114,510127,908
IncubusMake YourselfNowhere Fast8,905,4058,891
IncubusMake YourselfPrivilege10,348,85510,332
IncubusMake YourselfStellar46,684,02346,609
IncubusMake YourselfOut from Under3,926,0293,920
IncubusMake YourselfMake Yourself11,503,21011,485
IncubusMake YourselfDrive346,993,830346,435
IncubusMake Yourself623,186,473622,183
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Over Funk - 2006 Remaster7,790,9217,778
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Around the World111,711,177111,531
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Get on Top35,257,87435,201
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Savior16,154,59816,129
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Purple Stain17,878,31417,850
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Scar Tissue450,998,998450,273
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Parallel Universe75,957,07675,835
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Road Trippin'114,433,629114,249
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Quixoticelixer - 2006 Remaster13,127,45013,106
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)I Like Dirt15,586,28515,561
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Emit Remmus16,482,32716,456
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Fat Dance - 2006 Remaster7,123,1577,112
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Easily44,790,85744,719
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Californication815,579,015814,266
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)This Velvet Glove40,209,76040,145
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Otherside558,191,605557,293
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Right on Time13,613,43413,592
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)Porcelain25,853,11925,811
Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication (Deluxe Edition)2,380,739,5962,376,906
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Smooth (feat. Rob Thomas)225,395,972225,033
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Day of Celebration1,679,2921,677
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)El Farol3,755,0463,749
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Wishing It Was (feat. Eagle-Eye Cherry)3,386,4553,381
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Africa Bamba4,806,6694,799
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Corazon Espinado (feat. Mana)78,140,96678,015
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Put Your Lights On (feat. Everlast)22,007,73321,972
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Maria Maria (feat. The Product G&B)164,926,802164,661
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)(Da Le) Yaleo3,686,1463,680
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Primavera3,518,8143,513
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Do You Like the Way (feat. Lauryn Hill & Cee-Lo)7,375,6527,364
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Migra3,266,9423,262
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)Love of My Life (feat. Dave Matthews & Carter Beauford)9,929,3359,913
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)The Calling (feat. Eric Clapton)6,582,0366,571
SantanaSupernatural (Remastered)538,457,860537,591
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Surfacing48,594,63448,516
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)7426170000279,578,7859,563
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Liberate27,116,01727,072
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)No Life12,792,43312,772
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Diluted10,867,89310,850
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)(sic)69,380,31069,269
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Spit It Out - Stamp You out Mix3,881,1483,875
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Despise - Demo3,007,9503,003
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Scissors8,680,1428,666
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Tattered & Torn11,065,09011,047
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Me Inside9,420,4339,405
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Wait and Bleed - Demo3,277,3553,272
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Wait and Bleed218,079,076217,728
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Spit It Out94,868,23494,715
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)(sic) - Molt-Injected Mix3,676,0693,670
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Purity21,172,44421,138
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Interloper - Demo3,736,1943,730
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Get This8,425,5698,412
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Prosthetics11,078,35211,061
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Eeyore9,997,6399,982
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Spit It Out - Hyper Version6,591,4506,581
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Eyeless55,549,37255,460
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Snap - Demo5,074,2905,066
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)Only One9,266,5679,252
SlipknotSlipknot (10th Anniversary Edition)665,177,446664,106
Smash MouthAstro LoungeCan't Get Enough Of You Baby14,524,48314,501
Smash MouthAstro LoungeRadio783,356782
Smash MouthAstro LoungeFallen Horses753,281752
Smash MouthAstro LoungeWho's There1,008,1421,007
Smash MouthAstro LoungeCome On, Come On4,931,8834,924
Smash MouthAstro LoungeWaste3,115,8673,111
Smash MouthAstro LoungeAll Star706,271,519705,134
Smash MouthAstro LoungeDefeat You775,280774
Smash MouthAstro LoungeI Just Wanna See966,687965
Smash MouthAstro LoungeThen The Morning Comes8,674,9298,661
Smash MouthAstro LoungeRoad Man1,089,2661,088
Smash MouthAstro LoungeDiggin' Your Scene1,883,6571,881
Smash MouthAstro LoungeHome529,244528
Smash MouthAstro LoungeStoned3,183,5783,178
Smash MouthAstro LoungeSatellite1,377,4351,375
Smash MouthAstro Lounge749,868,607748,661
TLCFanmailDear Lie3,459,6553,454
TLCFanmailDon't Pull Out on Me Yet703,561702
TLCFanmailCommunicate - Interlude456,150455
TLCFanmailWhispering Playa - Interlude627,441626
TLCFanmailI'm Good at Being Bad2,111,9032,109
TLCFanmailNo Scrubs613,260,457612,273
TLCFanmailCome On Down836,164835
TLCFanmailThe Vic-E Interpretation - Interlude - Dirty Version00
TLCFanmailMy Life1,170,9291,169
TLCFanmailIf They Knew1,177,2631,175
TLCFanmailI Miss You So Much3,421,9363,416
TLCFanmailSilly Ho5,574,2925,565
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Son of Man64,230,60864,127
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Two Worlds - Radio Version14,455,31814,432
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)One Family10,867,17810,850
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Two Worlds41,617,48441,550
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)A Wondrous Place6,785,4556,775
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Strangers Like Me128,342,350128,136
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Trashin' The Camp40,901,78340,836
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)You'll Be In My Heart234,529,671234,152
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Trashin' The Camp16,039,85516,014
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)The Gorillas3,915,6323,909
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)You'll Be In My Heart45,088,96545,016
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Two Worlds Reprise7,790,6567,778
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Two Worlds Finale6,427,3256,417
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Moves Like an Ape, Looks Like a Man4,646,0294,639
Various ArtistsTarzan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)625,638,309624,631
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Hey, why in 1984 you count the Footlose Soundtrack as an studio album and “A Star Is Born” but any Hannah Montana album is in this chart?
“Hannah Montana The Movie” its now 700 million streams but I cant see it en 2009 list

Patrick Coley

This the best website


“Therapy” by Anne-Marie must be insanely close to making the list


“Our song” Is nearly at 80 million, “Don’t Play” Is at 70 million and “Kiss My Uh Oh” Is at 35 million. They are just 3 of the songs


I wonder if “Solar Power” By Lorde is close to being on the list


Not even close it’s at 180M and barely does over 1M streams daily


poor Lorde


Add trip at knight by trippie redd in 2021 it had 309M streams


Love yourself answer by bts???

Leylah Fernandez

is a shit album


The wrong version of KSI’s All Over The Place is used, it should be the Deluxe one, not the Platinum VIP Edition.

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