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This page provides you with up to date lists of the most streamed studio albums, per year, per decade and of all-time, on Spotify.

Singles that have been issued before the start of the selected period are thus included in full.

In case several versions of the same album exist, the one with the highest total of streams is displayed.

The column EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. It reflects the worth of these audio streams on par with album units. This data extrapolates remaining streaming platforms.

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Most streamed albums: 1996

Last updated on 09/27/21
RankCoverArtistAlbumTotal StreamsDaily StreamsEAS
12Pac2PacAll Eyez On Me1,842,595,514567,4641,839,628
2SublimeSublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)1,248,744,675614,8241,246,734
3SpiceSpice GirlsSpice900,740,427565,915899,290
4FugeesFugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)840,716,952499,961839,363
5BlackstreetBlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)570,589,273229,984569,670
6CélineCéline DionFalling into You510,593,810313,539509,772

Breakdowns (sorted by alphabetical order)

2PacAll Eyez On MeWhen We Ride (ft. Outlaw Immortals)14,517,72314,494
2PacAll Eyez On MeCheck Out Time13,662,65013,641
2PacAll Eyez On MeThug Passion (ft. Jewell, Outlawz, The Storm)19,026,54318,996
2PacAll Eyez On MeNo More Pain21,038,49521,005
2PacAll Eyez On MeTradin War Stories (ft. C-BO, CPO, Outlawz, The Storm)16,227,17716,201
2PacAll Eyez On MeSkandalouz (ft. Nate Dogg)18,904,78018,874
2PacAll Eyez On MeAmbitionz Az A Ridah438,391,347437,685
2PacAll Eyez On MeHeartz Of Men24,294,33824,255
2PacAll Eyez On MeRatha Be Ya N____ (ft. Richie Rich)43,957,99443,887
2PacAll Eyez On MePicture Me Rollin' (ft. Danny Boy, CPO, Big Syke)53,616,28853,530
2PacAll Eyez On MeCalifornia Love (remix) (ft. Dr. Dre, Roger Troutman)29,810,04129,762
2PacAll Eyez On MeHolla At Me16,065,58016,040
2PacAll Eyez On MeOnly God Can Judge Me (ft. Rappin' 4-Tay)131,511,138131,299
2PacAll Eyez On MeWonda Why They Call U B____21,100,40721,066
2PacAll Eyez On MeWhatz Ya Phone # (ft. Danny Boy)7,576,0217,564
2PacAll Eyez On MeRun Tha Streetz (ft. Michel'le, Storm, Mutah)22,261,31722,225
2PacAll Eyez On MeGot My Mind Made Up (ft. Dat Nigga Daz, Kurupt, Method Man, Redman)19,622,80519,591
2PacAll Eyez On MeAll Eyez On Me (ft. Big Syke)316,397,021315,888
2PacAll Eyez On MeLife Goes On75,393,51975,272
2PacAll Eyez On Me2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted (ft. Snoop Doggy Dog)125,113,940124,912
2PacAll Eyez On MeShorty Wanna Be A Thug35,669,29735,612
2PacAll Eyez On MeCan't C Me82,562,47782,430
2PacAll Eyez On MeAin't Hard 2 Find (ft. B-Legit, C-BO, E-40, Richie Rich)9,638,6279,623
2PacAll Eyez On MeI Ain't Mad At Cha (ft. Danny Boy)70,409,13070,296
2PacAll Eyez On MeAll About U (ft. Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, Fatal, Yani Hadati)97,058,32696,902
2PacAll Eyez On MeHow Do You Want It (ft. KC, Jojo)105,942,955105,772
2PacAll Eyez On MeHeaven Ain't Hard 2 Find12,825,57812,805
2PacAll Eyez On Me1,842,595,5141,839,628
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)No Diggity - Teddy Riley Jungle Remix00
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)I'll Give It To You907,626906
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)We Gonna Take U Back (Lude) / Don't Leave Me41,364,88341,298
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)Blackstreet (On The Radio)367,534367
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)Motherlude266,446266
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)Black & Street Intro428,332428
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)The Lord Is Real (Time Will Reveal)824,198823
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)Happy Song (Tonite)1,726,4201,724
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)(Money Can't) Buy Me Love1,350,8261,349
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)I Wanna Be Your Man1,434,1951,432
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)No Diggity - Billie Jean Remix253,500253
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)No Diggity - Will Remix89,63289
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)Taja's Lude (Interlude)1,3951
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)Let's Stay In Love2,923,6062,919
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)No Diggity505,248,814504,435
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)This Is How We Roll915,351914
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)Fix4,926,6584,919
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)Never Gonna Let You Go2,374,2582,370
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)I Can't Get You (Out Of My Mind)1,503,6911,501
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)No Diggity - All Star Remix104,479104
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)My Paradise (Interlude)621,792621
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)Good Lovin'2,955,6372,951
BlackstreetAnother Level (Expanded Edition)570,589,273569,670
Céline DionFalling into YouAll By Myself88,091,08287,949
Céline DionFalling into YouFly3,102,6683,098
Céline DionFalling into YouIf That's What It Takes5,595,7475,587
Céline DionFalling into YouYour Light1,000,452999
Céline DionFalling into YouRiver Deep, Mountain High12,468,73312,449
Céline DionFalling into YouCall The Man5,286,2735,278
Céline DionFalling into YouBecause You Loved Me (Theme from "Up Close and Personal")246,015,800245,620
Céline DionFalling into YouDeclaration Of Love1,940,5781,937
Céline DionFalling into YouSeduces Me4,387,6574,381
Céline DionFalling into YouMake You Happy2,565,6422,562
Céline DionFalling into YouIt's All Coming Back to Me Now102,819,333102,654
Céline DionFalling into YouDreamin' Of You2,966,2072,961
Céline DionFalling into You(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman5,951,3185,942
Céline DionFalling into YouI Love You12,585,99812,566
Céline DionFalling into YouI Don't Know2,321,0602,317
Céline DionFalling into YouFalling Into You13,495,26213,474
Céline DionFalling into You510,593,810509,772
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Manifest/Outro3,859,3833,853
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Killing Me Softly With His Song388,397,651387,772
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Cowboys (feat. Outsidaz)4,830,3374,823
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Fu-Gee-La98,891,98698,733
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Fu-Gee-La (feat. John Fort??) - Refugee Camp Remix3,799,2313,793
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)How Many Mics16,615,91516,589
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Mista Mista2,531,4792,527
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)The Beast - includes Chinese restaurant skit6,308,4646,298
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Ready or Not210,263,506209,925
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Family Business (feat. John Fort??)8,344,0908,331
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Fu-Gee-La (feat. John Fort??) - Refugee Camp Global Mix3,156,0513,151
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Zealots23,306,72023,269
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Red Intro3,913,4273,907
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)No Woman, No Cry48,142,69848,065
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)Fu-Gee-La - Sly & Robbie Mix2,952,9682,948
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)The Mask6,068,9706,059
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)The Score (feat. Diamond D)9,334,0769,319
FugeesThe Score (Expanded Edition)840,716,952839,363
Spice GirlsSpiceWannabe637,186,318636,160
Spice GirlsSpiceWho Do You Think You Are44,182,37144,111
Spice GirlsSpiceSay You'll Be There82,373,73282,241
Spice GirlsSpiceNaked3,875,4723,869
Spice GirlsSpice2 Become 190,948,72490,802
Spice GirlsSpiceMama21,740,25921,705
Spice GirlsSpiceLast Time Lover4,757,9654,750
Spice GirlsSpiceLove Thing5,527,5045,519
Spice GirlsSpiceIf U Can't Dance5,328,8555,320
Spice GirlsSpiceSomething Kinda Funny4,819,2274,811
Spice GirlsSpice900,740,427899,290
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Little District - Acoustic Version3,853,6613,847
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Paddle Out6,308,6336,298
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Wrong Way104,678,680104,510
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Doin' Time - Eerie Splendor Remix2,175,9302,172
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)April 29, 1992 (Miami)35,168,44135,112
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Trenchtown Rock7,647,5397,635
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Get Ready13,177,64913,156
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Garden Grove43,566,64243,496
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)What I Got296,377,461295,900
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Doin' Time - Remixed By Wyclef Jean988,629987
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Doin' Time - Marshall Arts Instrumental Version710,565709
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Zimbabwe - Acoustic Version1,668,1171,665
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Pawn Shop20,177,03520,145
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)The Ballad Of Johnny Butt9,259,3899,244
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)April 29th, 1992 (Miami) - Instrumental Version718,920718
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Doin' Time - Uptown Dub3,001,0482,996
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Caress Me Down64,594,15864,490
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Santeria436,997,386436,294
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Doin' Time99,429,97799,270
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Superstar Punani6,428,8336,418
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Saw Red - Acoustic Version3,606,5743,601
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Under My Voodoo7,622,2237,610
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Same In The End23,164,83323,128
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Burritos8,864,9538,851
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)I Love My Dog2,702,4562,698
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Doin' Time - Remixed By Marshall Arts2,818,5702,814
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Caress Me Down - Instrumental Version662,006661
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Ball And Chain - Demo5,675,1055,666
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Seed15,070,20415,046
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)Jailhouse19,829,44919,798
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)What I Got - Demo1,023,6791,022
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)What I Got - Instrumental Version775,930775
SublimeSublime (10th Anniversary Edition / Deluxe Edition)1,248,744,6751,246,734
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Hey, why in 1984 you count the Footlose Soundtrack as an studio album and “A Star Is Born” but any Hannah Montana album is in this chart?
“Hannah Montana The Movie” its now 700 million streams but I cant see it en 2009 list

Patrick Coley

This the best website


“Therapy” by Anne-Marie must be insanely close to making the list


“Our song” Is nearly at 80 million, “Don’t Play” Is at 70 million and “Kiss My Uh Oh” Is at 35 million. They are just 3 of the songs


I wonder if “Solar Power” By Lorde is close to being on the list


Not even close it’s at 180M and barely does over 1M streams daily


poor Lorde


Add trip at knight by trippie redd in 2021 it had 309M streams


Love yourself answer by bts???

Leylah Fernandez

is a shit album


The wrong version of KSI’s All Over The Place is used, it should be the Deluxe one, not the Platinum VIP Edition.

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