France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 7 (20-1)

#15 – 17,000 UNITS

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Michael Jackson – Thriller (1982) : 3,760,000

Biggest selling album of all-time in France after a couple of years, an unstoppable catalog seller during the 90s, the legendary Thriller by Michael Jackson stepped up even more after the turn of the millennium. It is hard to believe that this pop classic sold well past 1 million units since its 2001 reissue alone, some 860,000 of which since 2008. Even if 2016 was a year with no activity around the artist catalog, Thriller remains a real force. In fact, it is the highest ranked pre-1990 album of this mass update. Its 17,000 sales were achieved on the back of 42 weeks charted in the Catalog ranking, 19 of which Top 40.

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