France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 7 (20-1)

#8 – 24,000 UNITS

Queen – Greatest Hits II (1991) : TBD

What? How come Queen album Greatest Hits II features on this list so high? As always when doing such rankings, we need to set up eligibility and management rules. Some of them aren’t as clear as water, opened to debate. Do we compile a strict, technical list by allowing only pure sales of the original package or do we use a more functional logic by factoring in deluxe editions, 2/3 CDs packs which contain the exact same record. Last year, I went with the second choice. As seen in the example of Génération Goldman, such 2CD packages are always used as a replacement purchase depending on the price. Buying one of both formats makes the purchase of the other useless, so functionally speaking the consumer is really doing the same action by getting the stand-alone CD or a 2CD pack containing it. I excluded sales of 2000 compilation The Platinum Collection from Queen individual Greatest Hits tallies due to its specific brand. Chart runs of each products make it very clear that when Platinum Collection sells well individual packages do not and vice versa though. Thus, I’m now merging their total together, as done for such releases related to various other albums from this ranking. If Greatest Hits II charted only one week this year, the 3CD set lasted 44 weeks inside the Catalog ranking, being the strongest right in time for Christmas, this brings it 24,000 units for the year.

How much it sold in total to date though? – its sales are mentioned as TBD. Previously stated at 1,52 million units sold by the individual album, its stand-alone article will soon be posted anew to take into account all packages, giving it a new total to date.

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