France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 7 (20-1)

#18 – 13,000 UNITS

Neil Young – Harvest (1972) : 1,585,000

If Jean-Jacques Goldman album charted for 27 weeks inside the Catalog Chart, Neil Young masterpiece Harvest raised the bar to 29. Why is the comparison interesting? Because all 27 weeks on which the former was charted, the latter was too. It added two weeks only by re-entering / dropping out with a 1-week gap two times. In concrete words, this means those albums are among the list of albums discounted regularly by the FNAC on their 4 for 20€ offers. Other records which will be featuring this list, including the one on the very next page, had very identical chart runs. From 2014 to date, Harvest amassed 14 weeks inside the Top 200 Comprehensive Chart over 8 different spells, peaking at #177 only, which is the trademark of one of the most consistent sellers not only of 2016, but ever since it first came out 45 years ago.

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