France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 7 (20-1)

#10 – 21,000 UNITS

Jean-Jacques Goldman – Singulier (1996) : 1,760,000

Here he comes again! Sales of Singulier aren’t only impressive on their own, but also highlight how good it is to see all Jean-Jacques Goldman back catalog studio albums do relatively well in spite of being cannibalized by such a huge compilation. The strength of this record is so big that it doesn’t rely on discounts or hype around the artist. During 2016, it never dropped out of the Catalog Chart more than two weeks in a row, totaling 46 weeks on it in total with a #4 peak and a Top 10 placing during the holiday season. Guess what? That’s the worst year of this album since its release. Yeah, we may consider it as the French equivalent of Bob Marley‘s Legend.

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