France Album Sales: Mylène Farmer

Innamoramento (1999) Era

Five Top 10 singles adding for only 9 weeks inside the Top 10 combined. This is the unusual result of Innamoramento era singles.

How was is possible? The fans collecting her singles on debut week phenomenon was getting more and more extreme. Hits weren’t as big as in the past. Mylène Farmer was so well established that she wasn’t needing huge singles anymore to sell large quantities of albums. Put all those three conditions together and you obtain one more million selling album despite the apparent struggle of its singles.

As the singles market was healthy at the turn of the millennium none of those Top 10 hits managed to be #1 as fans weren’t numerous enough to made for a widespread smash single. Lead single L’âme-stram-gram was naturally the closest at #2.

This is the same position on which the album debuted and peaked. Innamoramento remains to this date the only Mylène Farmer studio album to fail the top out of her last 9 released from 1988 to 2015. Singles and the tour kept the album going on for one full year inside the Top 50. In spite of not that many weeks inside the very high part of charts – 8 weeks Top 5 when all was said and done – the huge 1999 market added to its stability sent the album to 1,08 million by the end of 2001.

For 2000 fall, Mylénium Tour live album was released to benefit one more time from the artist strong following. Debuting at #1 and remaining Top 5 during the Christmas season. While doing so, the album moved 615,000 units by the end of 2001.

As the artist first compilation was coming in 2001 fall it is time to list below all her albums with estimated sales to that date.

Studio Albums

1986 Cendres De Lune – 280,000
1988 Ainsi Soit Je… – 1,400,000
1991 L’Autre – 1,375,000
1995 Anamorphosée – 980,000
1999 Innamoramento – 1,080,000

Live Albums

1989 En Concert – 285,000
1997 Live A Bercy – 655,000
2000 Mylénium Tour – 615,000

Remix Albums

1992 Dance Remix – 300,000

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Je Te Rends Ton Amour – 331,000
  2. L’âme-stram-gram – 255,000
  3. Innamoramento  – 213,000


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