France Album Sales: Britney Spears

Circus (2008) Era

With Britney Spears fully involved in recording and promoting again, the artist was back with a new album just one year after the previous one, November 2008 Circus.

The first extract from the record Womanizer happened to be a huge hit. A five weeks chart topper in the Single chart, four weeks #1 in Digital side, the song managed to put the focus on Britney Spears the singer, boosting incredibly well the album. During its first 16 days, Circus sold 63,000 units by charting 5-3-9 despite the release very close to Christmas with strong competition. After only six weeks of sales in 2008, the album sold 109,000 physical copies and over 5,000 digital units.

As following singles were much more modest (in the digital chart each Circus #16, If U Seek Amy #11, Radar #44) the album hasn’t remained as high during 2009 but still kept selling a few all year long, a total of 49,000 units in all formats.

In November 2009, to benefit from those new singles, a second career spanning compilation was released, The Singles Collection. The set went #10 in the Compilation chart and sold 32,000 units by year end.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Womanizer – 36,674,000
  2. Circus – 21,783,000
  3. If U Seek Amy – 16,672,000

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