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MP3 (2008) Era

In his attempt to always raise his popularity, M. Pokora travelled to the US where he was in contact with the heavily hyped producer at that time Timbaland to work on his third album.

The whole project leading up to the MP3 album was regarded as pretentious by the general media, so when lead single Dangerous bombed it completely back-lashed on the artist. Not only the pop star failed to break new territories, he also lost a huge part of his following in France.

One may say Dangerous was a #1 hit. Technically it was thanks to the dying physical market and the delay of the SNEP to include downloads, already way more relevant in order to gauge a success at that time. On that specific ranking, the song peaked at #19 only.

The album opened with a third of the sales of its predecessor, starting at a low #7 position. The debut was already bad but the long run was even worse with only 7 weeks in total inside the Top 100. Shipping enough for Gold upon release, the LP sold only 35,000 units by the end of the year, a disastrous result giving the investment on it.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Dangerous – 1,126,000
  2. Catch Me If You Can – 366,000
  3. They Talk Sh#t About Me – 248,000

2 thoughts on “France Album Sales: M. Pokora”

  1. Hi MJD,

    I have a question, M Pokora participated to Robin des Bois, but it’s a musical, it’s not really an album of him, can we really add the number of Robin des Bois to the total of M. Pokora’s sales?
    Same for the Linkup, for Beyonce, we don’t put the Destiny’s Child to the Beyonce’s total, don’t we?

    1. Hi Gonzalex!

      I haven’t been compiling Artist lists on those articles so far, thus they are informational only. No doubt if I set a list of all-time best selling acts in France, I’ll obviously consider – and most likely do – remove those two albums from M. Pokora total, but in an information article about him I though it was relevant to include them!

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