France Album Sales: M. Pokora

matt pokora (L) !


Studio Albums

2003 (LinkupNotre Etoile – 195,000
2004 M. Pokora – 240,000
2006 Player – 245,000
2010 Mise A Jour – 265,000
2012 A La Poursuite du Bonheur – 390,000
2013 (Musical) Robin des Bois – 375,000
2015 R.E.D. – 210,000
2016 My Way – 540,000

NB: 2CD boxes added to individual tallies. All figures reflect net shipment to date.

English Albums

2008 MP3 – 75,000

Live Albums

2013 A La Poursuite du Bonheur – Live A Bercy – 85,000
2016 R.E.D. Tour – 40,000

M. Pokora sold a total of 2,660,000 solo albums in France.

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Sources: SNEP, IFOP, GFK, Spotify.

2 thoughts on “France Album Sales: M. Pokora”

  1. Hi MJD,

    I have a question, M Pokora participated to Robin des Bois, but it’s a musical, it’s not really an album of him, can we really add the number of Robin des Bois to the total of M. Pokora’s sales?
    Same for the Linkup, for Beyonce, we don’t put the Destiny’s Child to the Beyonce’s total, don’t we?

    1. Hi Gonzalex!

      I haven’t been compiling Artist lists on those articles so far, thus they are informational only. No doubt if I set a list of all-time best selling acts in France, I’ll obviously consider – and most likely do – remove those two albums from M. Pokora total, but in an information article about him I though it was relevant to include them!

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