France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 6 (41-21)

#24 – 10,000

Renaud – Mistral Gagnant (1985) : 1 325 000

If Morgane de Toi has been quite impressive in 2016, Mistral Gagnant maintained its status of absolute classic among Renaud catalog. It charted for less weeks inside the Catalog Chart – 17 against 21 – but received a stronger impact upon the release of the rock giant last album, hitting #4 against the #25 peak for its predecessor. This LP owner of its legendary title track was also seen into Catalog rankings earlier in 2016, before the new era started, proving its enduring appeal. It must be noted that packages of 4+ albums aren’t counted into this tally, as many as 3 distinct such box sets went Top 200 this year, selling combined more units than Mistral Gagnant on its own.

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