France Best Selling Albums Ever

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Both steps are completed – updating all previously posted million selling albums with their 2016 sales plus adding all new albums over that mark. The only thing left is to compile everything together to build the France best selling albums ever list.

This ranking comes right now. With 168 albums listed last year plus 7 new ones, we are up to 175 LPs over the cult milestone. Various statistics and sub-lists are available in this article as well as links to all original albums breakdowns. Please be aware most of those breakdowns have been posted last year, so their totals in said articles differ from this article since 2016 were not included at the time.

For clarification purpose, all figures relate to album sales in LPs, Cassette, CD or Download format but exclude streaming. The include 2 and 3 boxes containing the related album in full but exclude 4+ boxes as it isn’t clear anymore than the purchaser explicity wanted to buy the said record. All figures aimed to be net shipment as of the end of 2016.

Let’s go!

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