France Album Sales: P!nk

Funhouse (2008) Era

Reinforced by I’m Not Dead success, P!nk tried the competitive Christmas market again with her November 2008 album Funhouse.

The task was tough, but the lead single So What was going to help. A sizable #4 hit on both physical and digital charts, it happened to be her biggest song so far. Funhouse debuted and peaked at the same position of #4 with nearly 16,000 physical copies sold while debuting at #1 in digital chart although sales were still pretty low at the time. Resisting three weeks inside the Top 10 and all last nine weeks of the year inside the Top 30, the album secured a solid total of 109,000 copies sold during 2008 alone. Focusing on physical sales, P!nk records inside the 2008 year end Top 500 added for 150,900 copies spread with 105,300 units of Funhouse, 25,800 units of I’m Not Dead and 19,800 copies of So What.

Officially, as the Single Chart was still physical sales only, no other song came out of Funhouse. In reality, Sober was a #8 hit in the Digital side, Please Don’t Leave Me peaked at #34 while the title track Funhouse went #32. As a result the album never dropped out of the Top 40 for 26 weeks and the Top 100 for 53 weeks. It was as high as #10 in March on the back of Sober success. Overall, Funhouse sold 101,000 copies during 2009.

In October, a Live set of the album, the Funhouse Tour, was released. It debuted and peaked at #31 selling 17,000 units by the end of its chart run. As this release was charted as part of Funhouse album in both the US and the UK, I’m going to merge figures of both records on this study results.

Ongoing singles were still boosting the original Funhouse album in early 2011 enabling 31,000 more sales for the year, making it the third album by P!nk exceeding the 250,000 overall sales in France, an impressive results for an artist that never had a Top 3 album. This era wasn’t good only for the pop star last album as I’m Not Dead charted various weeks inside the Catalog chart and a 2CD box containing Can’t Take Me Home and M!ssunderztood scrapped into the Top 200 for a week a few months after its release.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. So What – 47,065,000
  2. Sober – 30,629,000
  3. Please Don’t Leave Me – 29,610,000

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