France Album Sales: P!nk

Try This (2003) Era

While M!ssunderztood had 23 weeks Top 10 in the US and 31 in UK selling 7 million units in both countries combined, P!nk third album Try This had only one on each, its debut week.

This flop isn’t surprising if we consider the previous album had four big hits while the new one had three minor singles. If in France Try This sold less than its predecessor too and its only single which charted peaked at #74, it hasn’t bomb as much as elsewhere. Debuting at #12 in early November, the key feat achieved by the record was remain Top 50 for Christmas when sales completely explode in France, even more than in other countries. Thus, Try This was #118 of the year with over 95,000 sales. It crossed the 100,000 milestone in early 2004 before dropping out of charts for good.

For the year 2003, P!nk was the third most aired artist in France with 26,858 spins, fairly close to the year most aired artist which was Avril Lavigne at 27,071 spins. Ironically, sales of both artists leading records were on a virtual tie too as P!nk sold 397,734 units and Avril Lavigne 397,702 units. P!nk sales were spread on 80,000 singles for Family Portrait, 45,000 for Just Like A Pill, 175,000 for M!ssunderztood and 95,000 for Try This.

During the year 2004 her two most recent albums sold 69,525 units, over 40,000 copies for Try This and under 30,000 for M!ssunderztood.

In January 2005, Get The Party Started Redman remix was released only in France. The single went #4 in France, the first Top 10 record of P!nk in the country.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Trouble  – 9,710,000
  2. God Is A DJ – 2,531,000
  3. Love Song – 736,000

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