France Album Sales: P!nk

I’m Not Dead (2006) Era

I’m Not Dead. For the general public, she certainly was. P!nk had enough self confidence to expect change the curse of things yet and guess what? She did.

After failing to dominate the Christmas season with her previous set, this comeback album was issued in April to avoid the heavy competition and have a better chance of getting relevant airplay. It worked quite well as lead single Stupid Girls went to #13 in France.

I’m Not Dead debuted at #7 on its side with close to 11,000 copies sold but lasted only 14 weeks inside the Top 100. This flop resulted in 5 out of the 7 dates of the I’m Not Dead Tour scheduled in France being cancelled, with only Paris and Lyon shows remaining. One may never rule out P!nk yet. While everything was looking pretty dark, second single Who Knew came out in November, a full five months after the previous hit. It peaked at #24 only but did wonders for the album that went from #123 to #12 during its promotion. This new life continued during Christmas when the album was still Top 40, a very solid result for a foreign artist targeting a young audience. Indeed, during 2006 Christmas the highest charted such album was These Streets by Paolo Nutini at #26.

Thanks to this late surge, the album sold 133,000 units during the year 2006.

The year 2007 confirmed the return under the spotlight of the artist as #11 single U + Ur Hand and #20 hit Nobody Knows kept the album alive all year long, with even a second week top 10 at #10 in March. Adding both physical and digital sales, I’m Not Dead sold 117,000 units during 2007 bringing its cumulative tally to exactly 250,000 units.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Who Knew – 30,975,000
  2. U + Ur Hand – 18,246,000
  3. Dear Mr President – 17,911,000

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