France Album Sales: P!nk

M!ssundaztood (2001) Era

Released in November 2001 in the US, M!ssundaztood was a turning point on P!nk career. Artists with a debut that was a not-so-big success but still had quite respectable results often break the main audience with their second output or disappear as many other promising artists.

Lead single Get The Party Started was a big hit with 12 weeks Top 10 and a #4 peak in the US, giving Arista label good hope P!nk career path was going to be the first one. The album debuted at #8 with a huge 220,000 sales and impressively remained at #12 or better in the run for Christmas, amassing large sales. More than this direct consequence, the indirect result was the decision to promote P!nk everywhere rather than only English-speaking countries.

In UK the album was received just as well. After two months charting low thanks to imports, M!ssundaztood was fully released in February 2002 and debuted at #4 after the single was a #2 hit. Now that the success was confirmed in the US and in UK, a success that hardly ever stopped since, it was time to conquer France.

Well, it wasn’t really an impressive white walkers attack. Get The Party Started debuted at #100 in February 2002, dropping out right after. The album on its side started at #133, climbed to #68 and dropped down to #107 in a fortnight. One month later as the single was starting to be aired, it reentered charts to finally register a solid run of 10 weeks Top 30 and a #17 peak. The album went up as well, peaking a new at #45 in April.

Until the end of October, M!ssunderztood was mostly outside of the Top 100 but it was proving some consistency still. Don’t Let Me Get Me was then released a full seven months after the lead single and failed to get as much success with a #42 peak. Despite never charting higher than #45, the album was legs were awarded with a #98 position on 2002 year end chart with over 110,000 copies sold.

The year 2003 was pretty similar to the year 2002. The album had two more singles both of which never broke the main audience with Just Like A Pill peaking at #29 and Family Portrait at #23, but both sustained M!ssunderztood quite well. In fact, the set went as high as #17 during the highest point of both singles, one time in March and the other one in August. In addition to that, the album retained a Top 100 placing all year long until November, ending 2003 as the #54 album of the year on over 175,000 sales.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Just Like A Pill – 33,202,000
  2. Get The Party Started – 29,921,000
  3. Family Portrait – 15,735,000

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