France Album Sales: Madonna

The Immaculate Collection (1990) Era

It is no news that the Compilation Chart in France was far from being fully accurate up to 1994, with various weekly rankings not available and others showing doubtful results. The only information available about The Immaculate Collection 1990 release best of by Madonna, containing her biggest 80s hits, is that the set charted at #5 in early 1991.

Certifications were regularly updated for this album, with Gold in 1990, 2xGold in 1991 and Platinum in 1992 being received, representing 300,000 units. While this release destroyed catalog sales of the Madonna’s original albums, it went on to become a strong perennial seller in the upcoming years. On the other side, from that point all Madonna studio albums released prior to The Immaculate Collection saw their catalog sales completely destroyed as later figures revealed even the biggest of them, True Blue, was selling less than 3,500 copies a year in the 00s.

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