France Album Sales: Madonna

Bedtime Stories (1994) Era

If Madonna has not always been the biggest selling female singer, as she was behind other divas more often than not, she is definitely by far the one that had the highest capability to drop big hits. Bedtime Stories is a good reflection of this situation as while the image and the status of Madonna was on a strong downward spiral at that point, the hit Secret proved once again her skills to still be relevant.

Peaking at #2 for two weeks behind Elton John’s hugely successful Can You Feel The Love Tonight and remaining 15 weeks inside the Top 10, Secret ended as one of the biggest hits of Madonna’s career in France. The album was blocked at #2 behind legendary French poet singer Jean Ferrat. It managed five weeks inside the Top 10 during October-November period. Similarly to Like A Prayer on a lower scale, this album failed to extend the initial hype, as after a successful lead single, all follow up releases failed to get into the Top 20. Thus it remained alive for only six months, selling a calculated 228,000 units by the end of 1995, being certified 2xGold in August of that year.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Take A Bow – 5,486,000
  2. Secret – 3,565,000
  3. Human Nature – 1,420,000

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