CSPC: Enrique Iglesias Popularity Analysis


Original Album Sales – Comments

1995 Enrique Iglesias – 4,100,000
1997 Vivir – 4,400,000
1998 Cosas Del Amor – 2,600,000
1999 Enrique – 6,700,000
2001 Escape – 9,100,000
2002 Quizás – 1,200,000
2003 7 – 1,500,000
2007 Insomniac – 1,450,000
2010 Euphoria – 1,350,000
2014 Sex And Love – 1,500,000

With some 33,9 million albums sold, Enrique Iglesias can claim one of the strongest sales total by any Latin act. His sales in Latin countries – not just Hispanic countries, like Spain and the majority of Latin America, but also Brazil and Portugal, a bit less Italy and France – are outstanding. Whilst his peak days are gone since more than a decade, in recent years he has kind of reinvented himself with several high profile collaborations and huge reggaeton influences which, altogether, took his music to newer generations.

In the rest of the world, his English speaking stuff has generally done very well, especially at the time of Enrique and, most notably, Escape, his biggest album in terms of pure sales with 9,1 million sold and a strong global appeal.

USA has brought massive success to his English albums but, considering the strong Spanish community there, his early album have also been able to rack up great numbers, although largely downgraded by Soundscan which wasn’t scanning specialized Latin retailers at the time.

Overall, he accumulates 21 years of great and consistent success. A success, of course, not limited to the album format. Let’s now see what else he achieved through other formats!

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