The truth about Britney Spears’ album sales in Asia


Apart from the market size, there is very little information available about Taiwanese album sales. A few charts exist but their reputation is far from being a guarantee. Indeed, with charts segregating international releases most of the time, it doesn’t mean that many foreign albums sell poorly.

Due to this we get incredibly detailed data for each album. The change of criteria with distinct numbers, from 30,000 to 14,000 units per Platinum award, almost provides exact sales for some albums. The most striking case is Oops as the margin of error is barely 7%.

During Part 1 of this series, I often used the linearity from one album to another to specify a unique value inside the interval. There is no reason to change this method here. Thus, when Britney and In The Zone fall into the same ballpark, the most likely scenario is that the former is closer to the top range while the latter to the low range.

Merging all the data together concludes on the following album sales to date:

  • Baby One More Time – 130,000
  • Oops!… I did It Again – 90,000
  • Britney – 40,000
  • In The Zone – 35,000
  • Greatest Hits, My Prerogative – 105,000
  • Blackout – 7,000
  • Circus – 10,000
  • The Singles Collection – 5,000
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