France Best Selling Albums Ever

Instrumental Albums

01 Jean-Michel Jarre Oxygène (1976) : 2 070 000
02 Richard Clayderman Rêveries (1979) : 1 400 000
03 Jean-Michel Jarre Equinoxe (1978) : 1 350 000
04 Jean-Philippe Audin & Diego Modena Ocarina (1991) : 1 290 000
05 André Rieu Valses (1997) : 1 080 000

Most instrumental artists are one-off acts, at least on this magnitude of sales. Andre Rieu often sold well of his albums but came nowhere near his Valses album with his remaining records, same for Richard Clayderman who sold tons of albums within’ a few years before disappearing.

The only exception is Jean-Michel Jarre who managed two monster sellers plus various others over half a million units, confirming his status as French electronic godfather.

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If we talk about worldwide-sales, Celine Dion’ s “S’il Suffisait D’Aimer” album is the second best-selling french album of all time, behind “D’eux”


Waiting for France best-selling music artists of all time list.


Salut MJ.
Un classement de ce style est-il prévu concernant les ventes totales d’artistes français ou francophones ?
Ce serait intéressant d’avoir des estimations sérieuses pour contrer les aberrations que l’on lit souvent (comme les centaines de millions de Tino, Mireille, Dalida, Aznavour, Sardou, Adamo…)


No Gilbert Bécaud, no Yves Montand, no Avril Lavigne….:)