CSPC: Enrique Iglesias Popularity Analysis

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Full Length related records Sales

In more than two decades as an active act, Enrique Iglesias has been no stranger to other type of releases which includes a bunch of other full length records in multiple formats. He hasn’t exactly flooded the market with many compilations, but he did put out a few, although he never issued a standalone music video so far.

Full Length Migration  – Compilations and remix album


Overall, five full length records, which managed 5,3 million sold combined. Two albums, the singer debut effort Enrique Iglesias and his biggest one Escape, are two strong contributors to the main titles thanks to the solid tracks listed on them. The fourth album, Enrique, is the biggest one, heavily helped by Bailamos which features on both Spanish and English compilations.

Most post Escape albums -that is from 2002 onwards-, in contrast, don’t increase much their respective tallies. In the case of Quizás and 7, this is due to their lack of a true huge hit, while both Euphoria and Sex And Love are too recent to have their songs included into compilation albums.

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  1. Hello dear Hernàn congratulations for CSPC analysis for Enrique Iglesias; I would like to know if this week you also analyzed other artists or groups. I hope that you analyzed the Fab Four ( The Beatles).
    I look forward to your reply !!!

  2. Hi everyone!
    I reversed MJD’s formulas to determine the CSP for each track. We could interpret this as the CSP total “due to” a track, so its success.

    I have calculated the top 10 below (All songs):
    Song [Album] = CSP total (millions sales equivalent)

    Hero [Escape] = 6,90
    Bailamos [Enrique] = 5,06
    Nunca te olvidaré [Cosas De La Vida] = 1,76
    Bailando [Sex And Love] = 1,75
    Enamorado por primera vez [Vivir] = 1,72
    Be With You [Enrique] = 1,62
    Sólo en ti [Vivir] = 1,61
    Escape [Escape] = 1,54
    Could I Have This Kiss Forever [Enrique] = 1,39
    Experiencia Religiosa [Enrique Iglesias] = 1,21

    Two big hits at the turn of the century, and after that a lot of tracks with a more modest success… Will he return to the top of the charts?

    If you have any question/remarks about the method/calculation I used to obtained these numbers, I will be pleased to answer you.

  3. I’d love to see how Shakira, Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin compare to these stats. Are you planning to do them later?

    1. Hello Martin,

      The aim of ChartMasters.org is very precisely to bring back some accuracy rather than repeated fanciful claims found on fansites or Wikipedia pages. All information provided here is backed by official and legitimate sources unlike what you have most likely read before.

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