France Best Selling Albums Ever:
All-Time Ranking (2015)

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Yes, it is not only over for the 70s, this study is now completely over! At least for the million sellers part as more will come as a bubbling under list! We have been carefully reviewing all biggest historical albums for three months now to conclude on a list of 168 million selling albums. I hope you enjoyed this ride together and will enjoy the following ones I have been preparing as well!

On following pages, you will be presented with various rankings of bestselling Studio album, Foreign album, Male album etc. with  comments per section.

Obviously, the comprehensive ranking of all-time is also presented. So, which albums are the very top selling ones?

Let’s go!

3 thoughts on “France Best Selling Albums Ever:
All-Time Ranking (2015)”

    1. Hello!

      Well, Femmes D’Aujourd’hui is one of those albums that came very close to the million mark but missed it – in France as once Belgium and Switzerland sales added it just get there. This album had the disadvantage to be big in 1986 / first half of 1987 while the market exploded just a few months later thanks to legislation change that saw taxes (TVA) on records be largely reduced. Plus, the very low catalog appeal of the album prevented it from ultimately breaking the mark as there have been very low numbers of LP to CD replacement for this record.

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