France best selling albums ever:
Summary 1970-1979

Bannière gagnante de stephane.vox


It’s over! If few 70s albums made it past the million level, 21 in total, they were by very far the hardest albums to work on. As the market exploded from 26 million albums sold in 1970 to 95 million in 1978, this list is heavily dominated by two kind of albums, late 70s blockbusters and never ending catalog sellers. Both categories are highly favorable to international sellers, which are strongly represented here. In the other side, there is not a single female voice on all million sellers issued in the 70s, except some part of Starmania musical.

On following pages, you will be presented with various rankings of bestselling Studio album, Foreign album, Male album etc. with short comments per section. Obviously, the comprehensive ranking of 70s bestsellers is also presented.

Let’s go!

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