Understanding: Music Clubs #1 – Janet Jackson, Celine Dion


2. Target Audience

Clubs were for lazy people. Yes, this is a strong raccourci, but that is still true. The audience of Clubs was estimated around 32 years old on average, much higher than the average 90s records buyer. Their consumers weren’t so much pressed about a release or one artist, they weren’t regularly going on specialized retailers either.

It doesn’t mean they weren’t buying records at standard avenues time to time, but Andy Williams or Frank Sinatra were more likely to sell well at Columbia House than a fresh new pop album, as shown by the listing ahead.

Columbia House Records

With Clubs getting way more democratized and accessible during the 90s, this fact changed enabling acts like Britney Spears or the Backstreet Boys to sell well on BMG Music Club. Still, do not expect Iron Maiden to be monster sellers at direct marketing ends!

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