Most streamed songs on Spotify

Here you will find the list of the most streamed songs ever on Spotify, with their up to date statistics.

Most streamed songs on Spotify

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Top Spotify songs – Methodology

The more popular a song is, the higher chances are that it gets exploited a lot through several remixes, including hyped ones.

So rankings focusing on one track only, such as the one in this Wikipedia page, make little sense. That’s why we created this list which aggregates all versions with distinct playcounts of the same song.

The picture it draws is fairly different and way more accurate than lists we are used to see. A prime example is the blockbuster hit Despacito, which has two versions well past a billion each, which bring it to the overall ranking of #4.

Ed Sheeran reigns supreme with a pair of songs from Divide, owning the most streamed song on Spotify with Shape of You while Perfect closes an all-2017 podium.

Full list below, with the 50 most played songs.

Top Spotify songs – Results


Alan WalkerDifferent WorldFaded1,656,414,607
Alan WalkerFadedFaded - Instrumental45,602,071
Alan WalkerFaded (Remixes)Faded - Tiesto's Deep House Remix35,522,049
Alan WalkerFaded (Remixes)Faded - Tiesto's Northern Lights Remix30,883,030
Alan WalkerFaded (Remixes)Faded - Dash Berlin Remix29,489,220
Alan WalkerDifferent WorldFaded (Interlude)21,334,033
Alan WalkerFaded (Remixes)Faded - Tungevaag & Raaban Remix17,564,964
Alan WalkerFaded (Remixes)Faded - Luke Christopher Remix14,217,560
Alan WalkerFaded (Remixes)Faded - Slushii Remix11,737,352
Alan WalkerFadedFaded - Piano Version9,432,532
Alan WalkerFaded (Remixes)Faded - Young Bombs Remix3,484,488
Alan WalkerFaded (Remixes)Faded - Y&V Remix2,957,864
Alan WalkerRelaxing Classical Playlist: Soothing Guitar Covers for All DayFaded - Acoustic Cover564,354
Alan WalkerFaded1,879,204,124
Glass AnimalsDreamland (+ Bonus Levels)Heat Waves2,150,019,943
Glass AnimalsDreamland (+ Bonus Levels)Heat Waves (with iann dior)94,766,044
Glass AnimalsHeat Waves (Expansion Pack)Heat Waves - Slowed59,768,941
Glass AnimalsDreamland (+ Bonus Levels)Heat Waves - Diplo Remix20,605,249
Glass AnimalsDreamland (+ Bonus Levels)Heat Waves - Stripped Back16,573,188
Glass AnimalsDreamland (+ Bonus Levels)Heat Waves - Oliver Heldens Remix12,488,575
Glass AnimalsDreamland (+ Bonus Levels)Heat Waves - Sonny Fodera Remix7,288,671
Glass AnimalsDreamland (+ Bonus Levels)Heat Waves - Shakur Ahmad Remix7,047,706
Glass AnimalsDreamland (+ Bonus Levels)Heat Waves - Riton Remix2,279,034
Glass AnimalsHeat Waves (Expansion Pack)Heat Waves - Live974,765
Glass AnimalsDreamland (Real Life Edition)Heat Waves - Logic1000 Remix287,775
Glass AnimalsHeat Waves2,372,099,891
Ed Sheeran÷ (Deluxe)Shape of You3,307,042,661
Ed SheeranShape of You (Acoustic)Shape of You - Acoustic168,816,711
Ed SheeranShape of You (feat. Zion & Lennox) [Latin Remix]Shape of You (feat. Zion & Lennox) - Latin Remix102,068,734
Ed SheeranShape of You (Stormzy Remix)Shape of You - Stormzy Remix82,820,340
Ed SheeranShape of You (feat. Nyla & Kranium) [Major Lazer Remix]Shape of You (feat. Nyla & Kranium) - Major Lazer Remix74,956,010
Ed SheeranShape of You (Galantis Remix)Shape of You - Galantis Remix29,888,581
Ed SheeranShape of You (Yxng Bane Remix)Shape of You - Yxng Bane Remix15,283,890
Ed SheeranShape of You (NOTD Remix)Shape of You - NOTD Remix8,073,403
Ed SheeranPeaceful PianoShape Of You1,528,608
Ed SheeranBestWORKShape of You44,417
Ed SheeranShape of You3,790,523,355
Lewis CapaldiDivinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (Extended Edition)Someone You Loved2,564,964,399
Lewis CapaldiSomeone You Loved (Future Humans Remix)Someone You Loved - Future Humans Remix51,880,092
Lewis CapaldiSomeone You Loved (Madism Radio Mix)Someone You Loved - Madism Radio Mix42,570,944
Lewis CapaldiSomeone You Loved (Live from Capitol Studios / 1 Mic 1 Take)Someone You Loved - Live from Capitol Studios / 1 Mic 1 Take3,814,935
Lewis CapaldiTo Tell The Truth I Can't Believe We Got This Far EPSomeone You Loved - Live From The BRIT Awards, London 20201,446,136
Lewis CapaldiMusic for the Moment: Love is in the Air, Classical SongsSomeone You Loved - Acoustic Cover36,928
Lewis CapaldiViolin Covers 5Someone You Loved (Arr. for Violin and Piano)36,519
Lewis CapaldiInstrumental Pop MusicSomeone You Loved (Arr. for Guitar)10,184
Sonia y sus EstrellasI Believe In MeSomeone you loved2,461
Lewis CapaldiSomeone You Loved2,664,762,598
Justin BieberPurpose (Deluxe)Sorry1,710,651,914
Justin BieberGood Morning Music: Breakfast In BedSorry1,710,651,914
Justin BieberSorry (Latino Remix)Sorry - Latino Remix178,868,664
Justin BieberSorry3,600,172,492
Major LazerPeace Is The Mission (Extended)Lean On1,690,194,842
Major LazerLean On (Remixes)Lean On - J Balvin & Farruko Remix52,133,270
Major LazerLean On (Remixes)Lean On - CRNKN Remix12,544,449
Major LazerLean On (Remixes)Lean On - Ti??sto & MOTi Remix11,020,484
Major LazerLean On (Remixes)Lean On - Dillon Francis & Jauz Remix7,377,580
Major LazerLean On (Remixes)Lean On - Ephwurd & ETC!ETC! Remix1,928,564
Major LazerLean On (Remixes)Lean On - Malaa Remix1,926,014
Major LazerLean On (Remixes)Lean On - Moska Remix1,419,967
Major LazerMajor Lazer Presents: Give Me Future (Music From & Inspired By the Film)Lean On - Havana Maestros Version1,379,142
Major LazerLean On (Remixes)Lean On - Fono Remix764,104
Major LazerMajor Lazer Presents: Give Me Future (Music From & Inspired By the Film)Lean On - Demo Version483,668
Major LazerAFTER Ski Pt.1Lean On60,143
Major LazerLean On1,781,232,227
Shawn MendesIlluminateTreat You Better1,654,311,536
Shawn MendesTreat You Better (Ashworth Remix)Treat You Better - Ashworth Remix37,505,945
Shawn MendesMTV UnpluggedUse Somebody/Treat You Better - MTV Unplugged29,865,433
Shawn MendesLive At Madison Square GardenTreat You Better - Live4,718,172
Shawn MendesTreat You Better1,726,401,086
Ed Sheeran÷ (Deluxe)Perfect2,243,911,730
Ed SheeranPerfect Duet (Ed Sheeran & Beyoncé)Perfect Duet (Ed Sheeran & Beyonc??)731,481,926
Ed SheeranPerfect Symphony (Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli)Perfect Symphony (Ed Sheeran & Andrea Bocelli)156,027,021
Ed SheeranPerfect (Acoustic)Perfect - Acoustic72,020,170
Ed SheeranPiano Music at HomePerfect39,979,810
Ed SheeranPerfectPerfect14,410,964
Ed SheeranPerfect (Robin Schulz Remix)Perfect - Robin Schulz Remix13,162,563
Ed SheeranPerfect (Mike Perry Remix)Perfect - Mike Perry Remix12,764,480
Ed SheeranTeclas Pretas Também Fazem MúsicaPerfect - Instrumental237,435
Ed SheeranRelaxing Classical Playlist: Soothing Piano & Violin for a Better DayPerfect - Acoustic Cover113,862
Ed SheeranSimon MichaelPerfect / Adagio Cantabile41,028
Ed SheeranTop 3 Favourites and DuetsPerfect7,860
Ed SheeranSadness Violin DuelingPerfect2,161
Ed SheeranPerfect3,284,161,010
French MontanaJungle RulesUnforgettable1,567,640,591
French MontanaUnforgettable (feat. Swae Lee) [Major Lazer Remix]Unforgettable (feat. Swae Lee) - Major Lazer Remix57,994,858
French MontanaUnforgettable (feat. Swae Lee) [Latin Remix]Unforgettable (feat. Swae Lee) - Latin Remix52,551,085
French MontanaUnforgettable (feat. Swae Lee) [Tiësto vs. Dzeko AFTR:HRS Remix]Unforgettable (feat. Swae Lee) - Ti??sto vs. Dzeko AFTR:HRS Remix24,314,331
French MontanaUnforgettable (feat. Swae Lee) [J Hus & Jae5 Remix]Unforgettable (feat. Swae Lee) - J Hus & Jae5 Remix10,927,492
French MontanaUnforgettable (Mariah Carey Acoustic Remix)Unforgettable - Mariah Carey Acoustic Remix5,675,501
French MontanaUnforgettable (Slushii Remix)Unforgettable - Slushii Remix5,649,163
French MontanaUnforgettable (Mariah Carey Remix)Unforgettable - Mariah Carey Remix1,828,546
French MontanaUnforgettable1,726,581,567
The WeekndAfter Hours (Deluxe)Save Your Tears1,292,750,912
The WeekndAfter Hours (Deluxe)Save Your Tears (Remix) (with Ariana Grande) - Bonus Track963,858,252
The WeekndAfter Hours (Remixes)Save Your Tears - OPN Remix6,676,294
The WeekndSave Your Tears2,263,285,458
Post Malonebeerbongs & bentleysrockstar (feat. 21 Savage)2,556,338,647
Post Malonerockstar (Remix)rockstar - Remix44,933,632
Post Malonerockstar (feat. 21 Savage)2,601,272,279
Lil Nas X7 EPOld Town Road - Remix1,378,125,696
Lil Nas X7 EPOld Town Road871,393,423
Lil Nas XOld Town Road (Diplo Remix)Old Town Road - Diplo Remix107,165,819
Lil Nas XOld Town Road (feat. RM of BTS) [Seoul Town Road Remix]Old Town Road (feat. RM of BTS) - Seoul Town Road Remix96,132,430
Lil Nas XOld Town Road (Remix)Old Town Road - Remix65,612,552
Lil Nas XOld Town Road2,518,429,920
J BalvinVibrasMi Gente1,267,035,971
J BalvinFiesta En CasaMi Gente1,267,035,971
J BalvinMi Gente (feat. Beyoncé)Mi Gente (feat. Beyonc??)334,626,939
BeyoncéHOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUMMi Gente - Homecoming Live31,800,705
J BalvinMi Gente (Hugel Remix)Mi Gente - Hugel Remix23,711,352
J BalvinMi Gente (Steve Aoki Remix)Mi Gente - Steve Aoki Remix22,710,295
J BalvinMi Gente (Alesso Remix)Mi Gente - Alesso Remix9,566,819
J BalvinMi Gente (Hardwell & Quintino Remix)Mi Gente - Hardwell & Quintino Remix8,056,282
J BalvinMi Gente (Dillon Francis Remix)Mi Gente - Dillon Francis Remix5,913,806
J BalvinMi Gente (MOSKA Remix)Mi Gente - MOSKA Remix5,586,914
J BalvinMi Gente (4B Remix)Mi Gente - 4B Remix4,903,653
J BalvinMi Gente (Busta K Remix)Mi Gente - Busta K Remix3,346,988
J BalvinMi Gente (Cedric Gervais Remix)Mi Gente - Cedric Gervais Remix3,262,505
J BalvinMi Gente (Aazar Remix)Mi Gente - Aazar Remix3,144,624
J BalvinMi Gente (F4st, Velza & Loudness Remix)Mi Gente - F4st, Velza & Loudness Remix1,188,696
J BalvinMi Gente (Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix)Mi Gente - Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano Remix799,937
J BalvinMi Gente (Henry Fong Remix)Mi Gente - Henry Fong Remix658,524
J BalvinMi Gente2,993,349,981
Ed SheeranNo.6 Collaborations ProjectI Don't Care (with Justin Bieber)1,612,357,449
Ed SheeranI Don't Care (Acoustic)I Don't Care - Acoustic142,756,335
Ed SheeranI Don't Care (with Justin Bieber) [Jonas Blue Remix]I Don't Care (with Justin Bieber) - Jonas Blue Remix43,327,287
Ed SheeranI Don't Care (with Justin Bieber) [Loud Luxury Remix]I Don't Care (with Justin Bieber) - Loud Luxury Remix33,971,310
Ed SheeranI Don't Care (with Justin Bieber) [Chronixx & Koffee Remix]I Don't Care (with Justin Bieber) - Chronixx & Koffee Remix5,079,806
Ed SheeranI Don't Care (with Justin Bieber)1,837,492,187
PassengerAll the Little Lights (Deluxe Version)Let Her Go1,741,990,908
PassengerAll the Little Lights (Deluxe Version)Let Her Go - Acoustic132,068,987
PassengerSpotify SessionLet Her Go - Live in Amsterdam12,746,239
PassengerSpotify Sessions (Live from Spotify Sessions, Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia)Let Her Go - Live at Sydney Opera House1,588,747
PassengerLet Her Go1,888,394,881
The ChainsmokersMemories...Do Not OpenSomething Just Like This1,982,177,229
The ChainsmokersSomething Just Like This (Remix Pack)Something Just Like This - Alesso Remix49,771,581
ColdplaySomething Just Like This (Tokyo Remix)Something Just Like This - Tokyo Remix34,418,111
The ChainsmokersSomething Just Like This (Remix Pack)Something Just Like This - Don Diablo Remix26,701,525
The ChainsmokersSomething Just Like This (Remix Pack)Something Just Like This - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix12,726,849
The ChainsmokersSomething Just Like This (Remix Pack)Something Just Like This - R3hab Remix9,137,017
The ChainsmokersSomething Just Like This (Remix Pack)Something Just Like This - ARMNHMR Remix4,569,476
The ChainsmokersSomething Just Like This (Remix Pack)Something Just Like This - Jai Wolf Remix3,290,153
The ChainsmokersSomething Just Like This2,122,791,941
Bruno Mars24K MagicThat's What I Like1,524,966,325
Bruno MarsThat's What I Like (Alan Walker Remix)That's What I Like - Alan Walker Remix75,421,807
Bruno MarsThat's What I Like (feat. Gucci Mane) [Remix]That's What I Like (feat. Gucci Mane)49,378,817
Bruno MarsThat's What I Like (PARTYNEXTDOOR Remix)That's What I Like - PARTYNEXTDOOR Remix33,231,140
Bruno MarsThat's What I Like (BLVK JVCK Remix)That's What I Like - BLVK JVCK Remix25,593,088
Bruno MarsThat's What I Like1,708,591,177
The WeekndAfter HoursBlinding Lights3,285,156,792
The WeekndBlinding Lights (Remix)Blinding Lights (with ROSAL??A) - Remix52,659,259
The WeekndBlinding LightsBlinding Lights - Major Lazer Remix11,888,933
The WeekndAfter Hours (Remixes)Blinding Lights - Chromatics Remix10,526,931
The WeekndBlinding LightsBlinding Lights - Instrumental3,719,751
The WeekndBlinding Lights3,363,951,666
DJ SnakeEncoreLet Me Love You1,689,115,318
DJ SnakeHelix (Volume 1)Let Me Love You - Ti??sto's AFTR:HRS Mix55,788,300
DJ SnakeIn The MixLet Me Love You - Marshmello Remix44,199,424
DJ SnakeBeach LoungeLet Me Love You - R3hab Remix43,790,887
DJ SnakeAll AcousticLet Me Love You - Andrew Watt Acoustic Remix40,511,748
DJ SnakeReconstructionsLet Me Love You (feat. Justin Bieber) - Don Diablo Remix35,203,263
DJ SnakeLet Me Love You (Sean Paul Remix)Let Me Love You - Sean Paul Remix12,522,053
DJ SnakeLet Me Love You (Zedd Remix)Let Me Love You - Zedd Remix8,630,235
DJ SnakeLet Me Love You (Tropkillaz & Mc Livinho Remix)Let Me Love You - Tropkillaz & Mc Livinho Remix5,014,654
DJ SnakeLet Me Love You (With You. Remix)Let Me Love You - With You. Remix1,434,031
DJ SnakeLet Me Love You1,936,209,913
Dua LipaFuture NostalgiaDon't Start Now2,082,498,734
Dua LipaDon't Start Now (Purple Disco Machine Remix)Don't Start Now - Purple Disco Machine Remix23,693,042
Dua LipaDon't Start Now (Remixes)Don't Start Now - Dom Dolla Remix16,140,705
Dua LipaDon't Start Now (Remixes)Don't Start Now - Pink Panda Remix15,090,748
Dua LipaDon't Start Now (Remixes)Don't Start Now - Kungs Remix14,654,941
Dua LipaDon't Start Now (Live in LA Remix)Don't Start Now - Live in LA Remix9,603,409
Dua LipaDon't Start Now (Regard Remix)Don't Start Now - Regard Remix5,772,051
Dua LipaClub Future Nostalgia (DJ Mix)Don't Start Now (Yaeji Remix) [Mixed]2,201,501
Dua LipaDon't Start Now (Remixes)Don't Start Now (Zach Witness Remix) [Malibu Mermaids Version]577,741
Dua LipaDon't Start Now (Yaeji Remix)Don't Start Now (Yaeji Remix)438,094
Dua LipaPure Dance - Mixed by Billy da KidDon't Start Now (Purple Disco Machine Remix) - Mixed20,620
Dua LipaDon't Start Now2,170,691,586
Imagine DragonsEvolveBeliever2,302,737,205
Imagine DragonsBeliever (feat. Lil Wayne)Believer (feat. Lil Wayne)75,443,456
Imagine DragonsBeliever (Kaskade Remix)Believer - Kaskade Remix52,020,245
Imagine DragonsLive At AllSaints StudiosBeliever - Live/Acoustic20,277,140
Imagine DragonsBest HOTEL-GentleBeliever3,119
Imagine DragonsBeliever2,450,481,165
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes)Happier - Breathe Carolina Remix34,902,861
MarshmelloHappier (Stripped)Happier - Stripped15,269,603
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes)Happier - Frank Walker Remix11,480,080
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes Pt. 2)Happier - Matt Medved Remix10,920,990
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes Pt. 2)Happier - Jauz Remix2,498,000
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes)Happier - SPENCE Remix2,400,743
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes)Happier - Blanke Remix2,292,920
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes Pt. 2)Happier - West Coast Massive Remix1,926,432
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes Pt. 2)Happier - Svdden Death Remix1,248,746
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes Pt. 2)Happier - Tim Gunter Remix857,524
MarshmelloHappier (Remixes Pt. 2)Happier - Hikeii Remix854,490
Post MaloneHollywood's BleedingSunflower - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse2,481,783,151
Post MaloneSpider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Deluxe Edition / Soundtrack From & Inspired By The Motion Picture)Sunflower (Remix) [with Swae Lee, Nicky Jam, and Prince Royce]63,174,219
Post MaloneSunflower - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse2,544,957,370
Billie Eilishlovely (with Khalid)lovely (with Khalid)2,031,420,343
Billie Eilishlovely (with Khalid)2,031,420,343
Travis ScottASTROWORLDSICKO MODE1,747,046,744
Travis ScottSICKO MODE (Skrillex Remix)SICKO MODE - Skrillex Remix97,590,887
Travis ScottSICKO MODE1,844,637,631
SiaThis Is Acting (Deluxe Version)Cheap Thrills1,513,181,494
SiaThis Is Acting (Deluxe Version)Cheap Thrills (feat. Sean Paul)507,818,459
SiaCheap Thrills Remix (feat. Nicky Jam)Cheap Thrills Remix (feat. Nicky Jam)70,897,775
SiaCheap Thrills (Remixes)Cheap Thrills (feat. Sean Paul) - Le Youth Remix6,572,738
SiaCheap Thrills (Remixes)Cheap Thrills - Hex Cougar Remix6,124,389
SiaCheap Thrills (Remixes)Cheap Thrills - John "J-C" Carr Remix3,834,104
SiaCheap Thrills (Remixes)Cheap Thrills - RAC Remix2,428,921
SiaCheap Thrills (Remixes)Cheap Thrills - Nomero Remix2,292,140
SiaCheap Thrills (Remixes)Cheap Thrills - Sted-E & Hybrid Heights Remix1,276,570
SiaCheap Thrills (Remixes)Cheap Thrills - Cyril Hahn Remix1,112,821
SiaCheap Thrills2,115,539,411
John LegendLove In The Future (Expanded Edition)All of Me1,900,760,942
John LegendAll of Me (Tiësto's Birthday Treatment Remix - Radio Edit)All of Me - Ti??sto's Birthday Treatment Remix - Radio Edit230,444,338
John LegendSpotify SessionsAll of Me - Live from Spotify Milan44,550,859
John LegendAll of Me (feat. Jennifer Nettles & Hunter Hayes)All of Me (feat. Jennifer Nettles & Hunter Hayes)12,973,743
John LegendAll of Me (Middle East Version by Jean-Marie Riachi)All of Me - Middle East Version by Jean-Marie Riachi4,130,147
John LegendAll of Me (Live)All of Me - Live3,511,473
John LegendJohn Legend x Lindsey Stirling: The Violin RemixesAll of Me - Violin Remix2,473,813
John LegendAll of Me2,198,845,315
The ChainsmokersCollage EPDon't Let Me Down1,627,697,794
The ChainsmokersDon't Let Me Down (Remixes) (feat. Daya)Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya) - Illenium Remix113,830,673
The ChainsmokersDon't Let Me Down (Remixes) (feat. Daya)Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya) - W&W Remix63,648,766
The ChainsmokersDon't Let Me Down (feat. Daya) [Hardwell & Sephyx Remix]Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya) - Hardwell & Sephyx Remix60,069,609
The ChainsmokersDon't Let Me Down (Remixes) (feat. Daya)Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya) - Zomboy Remix18,306,733
The ChainsmokersDon't Let Me Down (feat. Daya & Konshens) [Dom Da Bomb & Electric Bodega Remix]Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya & Konshens) - Dom Da Bomb & Electric Bodega Remix7,647,853
The ChainsmokersDon't Let Me Down (Remixes) (feat. Daya)Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya) - Ephwurd Remix6,804,324
The ChainsmokersDon't Let Me Down (Remixes) (feat. Daya)Don't Let Me Down (feat. Daya) - Ricky Remedy Remix6,157,931
The ChainsmokersBest HOTEL-GentleDon't Let Me Down3,268
The ChainsmokersDon't Let Me Down1,904,166,951
QueenA Night At The OperaBohemian Rhapsody1,988,808,010
QueenBohemian Rhapsody (The Original Soundtrack)Bohemian Rhapsody - Live Aid67,974,555
QueenLive At Wembley StadiumBohemian Rhapsody - Live at Wembley '8616,695,679
QueenQueen Rock MontrealBohemian Rhapsody - Live11,042,224
QueenA Night at the OdeonBohemian Rhapsody - Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London / 19754,551,382
QueenA Night At The Opera (Deluxe Remastered Version)Bohemian Rhapsody - Operatic Section / 2011 A Cappella Mix3,558,828
QueenA Night at the OdeonBohemian Rhapsody - Reprise / Live At The Hammersmith Odeon, London / 19752,776,369
QueenLive Aid (Live, 13th July 1985)Bohemian Rhapsody / Radio Ga Ga - Live at Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, 13th July 19852,410,428
QueenLive At Fire Fight AustraliaBohemian Rhapsody - Live At Fire Fight Australia, ANZ Stadium, Sydney, Australia, 20202,168,669
QueenLive KillersBohemian Rhapsody - Live1,049,975
QueenOn Fire: Live At The BowlBohemian Rhapsody - Live1,015,088
QueenReturn Of The Champions (Live)Bohemian Rhapsody - Live782,137
QueenThe London Horn SoundBohemian Rhapsody129,206
QueenLive MagicBohemian Rhapsody - Live126,514
QueenArtist Karaoke Series: Queen (Volume 1)Bohemian Rhapsody - Instrumental89,341
Freddie MercuryVoices 2Bohemian Rhapsody41,381
QueenBohemian Rhapsody2,103,219,786
Luis FonsiVIDADespacito - Remix1,581,573,883
Luis FonsiVIDADespacito1,481,074,423
Luis FonsiDespacito (Major Lazer & MOSKA Remix)Despacito - Major Lazer & MOSKA Remix27,771,548
Luis FonsiDespacito (Versión Salsa)Despacito - Versi??n Salsa19,582,778
Luis FonsiDespacito (Versión Pop)Despacito15,612,951
Luis FonsiDespacito 緩緩 (Mandarin Version)Despacito ?????? - Mandarin Version4,478,897
Luis FonsiDespacito (Versión Portugués)Despacito - Versi??n Portugu??s4,158,345
Helene FischerDespacito & Échame La CulpaDespacito & ??chame La Culpa3,630,803
Luis FonsiDespacito (Versión Urbana/Sky)Despacito - Versi??n Urbana/Sky2,646,127
Daddy Yankee2K20, Pt. 3 (Live)Despacito (Live)965,187
Luis FonsiDespacito (Versión Banda)Despacito - Versi??n Banda738,170
Luis FonsiPassion FlamencaDespacito3,497
Luis FonsiBestWORKDespacito2,103
Luis FonsiDespacito3,142,238,712
The ChainsmokersCollage EPCloser2,415,920,858
The ChainsmokersCloser (Remixes)Closer - R3hab Remix56,472,752
The ChainsmokersCloser (Remixes)Closer - Wuki Remix9,834,658
The ChainsmokersCloser (Remixes)Closer - T-Mass Remix9,543,138
The ChainsmokersCloser (Remixes)Closer - Shaun Frank Remix6,550,688
The ChainsmokersCloser (Remixes)Closer - Robotaki Remix4,799,640
The ChainsmokersCloser (Remixes)Closer - ARMNHMR Remix1,556,550
The ChainsmokersBestWORKCloser11,700
The ChainsmokersCloser2,504,689,984
HozierHozier (Expanded Edition)Take Me to Church1,897,611,940
HozierSpotify Sessions LondonTake Me to Church - Live From Spotify London67,312,893
HozierLive in AmericaTake Me to Church - Live in America - Spring/Summer 20155,087,360
HozierUS Top 20 PianoTake Me To Church36,417
HozierTake Me to Church1,970,048,610
Ed Sheeranx (Wembley Edition)Thinking out Loud2,119,057,744
Ed SheeranThinking Out Loud (Alex Adair Remix)Thinking out Loud - Alex Adair Remix30,422,076
Ed SheeranGuitar Covers of Pop HitsThinking out Loud (Arr. for Guitar)532,610
Ed SheeranThinking out Loud2,150,012,430
Dua LipaFuture NostalgiaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)1,578,739,457
Dua LipaFuture NostalgiaLevitating647,028,361
Dua LipaLevitating EPLevitating (feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott) [The Blessed Madonna Remix]50,305,668
Dua LipaLevitating EPLevitating (feat. DaBaby) - Don Diablo Remix26,278,843
Dua LipaLevitating (feat. Prakriti Kakar & Sukriti Kakar) [Amaal Mallik Remix]Levitating (feat. Prakriti Kakar & Sukriti Kakar) [Amaal Mallik Remix]3,802,707
Dua LipaLevitating (feat. DaBaby)2,306,155,036
Ed Sheeranx (Wembley Edition)Photograph2,019,344,661
Ed SheeranPhotograph (Felix Jaehn Remix)Photograph - Felix Jaehn Remix58,868,703
Ed SheeranTeclas Pretas Também Fazem MúsicaPhotograph4,450
Ed SheeranPhotograph2,078,217,814
SAINt JHNRoses (Imanbek Remix)Roses - Imanbek Remix1,682,465,773
SAINt JHNCollection OneRoses111,401,888
SAINt JHNRoses Remix (feat. Future)Roses Remix (feat. Future)75,066,772
SAINt JHNRoses (Imanbek Remix [Latino Gang])Roses - Imanbek Remix [Latino Gang]42,681,980
SAINt JHNRoses1,911,616,413
Tones And IThe Kids Are ComingDance Monkey2,707,855,088
Tones And IDance Monkey (Stripped Back) / Dance MonkeyDance Monkey - Stripped Back41,582,825
Tones And IDance Monkey2,749,437,913
Camila CabelloCamilaHavana (feat. Young Thug)1,827,604,322
Camila CabelloHavana (Remix)Havana - Remix256,366,758
Camila CabelloHavana (Live)Havana - Live4,672,145
Camila CabelloNOW Party Anthems, Vol. 4Havana (feat. Young Thug) - Radio Edit2,406,131
Camila CabelloNOW That's What I Call Music, Vol. 65Havana - No Rap Version1,753,429
Paul SonoriaHavana (Paul Sonoria Remix)Havana (Paul Sonoria Remix)113,303
Camila CabelloHavana (feat. Young Thug)2,092,916,088
Imagine DragonsEvolveThunder1,859,496,219
Imagine DragonsThunder / Young Dumb & Broke (with Khalid) [Medley]Thunder / Young Dumb & Broke (with Khalid) - Medley109,843,582
Imagine DragonsLive At AllSaints StudiosThunder - Live/Acoustic27,169,746
Imagine DragonsThunder (With K.Flay) [Official Remix]Thunder (With K.Flay) - Official Remix14,823,857
Imagine DragonsThunder2,011,333,404
DrakeViewsOne Dance2,474,753,083
DrakeOne Dance2,474,753,083
HalseyManicWithout Me1,627,219,627
HalseyManicWithout Me158,986,324
HalseyManicWithout Me - ILLENIUM Remix61,679,791
HalseyManicWithout Me - Stripped5,289,542
HalseyWithout Me1,853,175,284
Post MaloneHollywood's BleedingCircles1,911,549,748
Post MaloneCircles1,911,549,748
Juice WRLDGoodbye & Good RiddanceLucid Dreams2,102,972,744
Juice WRLDLucid Dreams2,102,972,744
Mark RonsonUptown SpecialUptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)1,621,276,633
Mark RonsonUptown Funk (Remixes) (feat. Bruno Mars)Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Will Sparks Remix39,812,287
Mark RonsonNOW That's What I Call PARTY ANTHEMS 3Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Radio Edit22,226,640
Mark RonsonUptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) [Trinidad James Remix]Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Trinidad James Remix6,865,019
Mark RonsonUptown Funk (Remixes) (feat. Bruno Mars)Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Wideboys VIP Remix5,084,683
Mark RonsonUptown Funk (Remixes) (feat. Bruno Mars)Uptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars) - Dave Aud?? Remix4,185,249
Mark RonsonUptown Funk (feat. Bruno Mars)1,699,450,511
Dua LipaDua Lipa (Deluxe)New Rules1,779,940,007
Dua LipaNew Rules (Acoustic)New Rules - Acoustic39,847,788
Dua LipaNew Rules (Remixes)New Rules - Alison Wonderland Remix28,368,500
Dua LipaNew Rules (Remixes)New Rules - KREAM Remix21,598,922
Dua LipaNew Rules (Initial Talk Remix)New Rules - Initial Talk Remix16,776,578
Dua LipaLive Acoustic EPNew Rules - Piano, Acoustic; Live7,934,750
Dua LipaNew Rules (Remixes)New Rules - Freedo Remix7,161,954
Dua LipaNew Rules (Remixes)New Rules - SG Lewis Remix6,871,073
Dua LipaNew Rules (Remixes)New Rules - MRK Club Mix6,162,271
Dua LipaDua Lipa (Complete Edition)New Rules - Live6,126,450
Dua LipaNew Rules1,920,788,293
Maroon 5Red Pill Blues (Deluxe)Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) - Cardi B Version1,485,788,057
Maroon 5Red Pill Blues (Deluxe)Girls Like You280,718,812
Maroon 5Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) [St. Vincent Remix]Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) - St. Vincent Remix6,595,989
Maroon 5Girls Like You (WondaGurl Remix)Girls Like You - WondaGurl Remix2,800,415
Maroon 5Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) [TOKiMONSTA Remix]Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) - TOKiMONSTA Remix1,045,758
Maroon 5Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) [CRAY Remix]Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) - CRAY Remix724,488
Maroon 5Girls Like You (feat. Cardi B) - Cardi B Version1,777,673,519
Billie EilishWHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?bad guy2,170,036,696
Billie Eilishbad guy (with Justin Bieber)bad guy (with Justin Bieber)340,408,755
Billie Eilishbad guy2,510,445,451
Lady GagaA Star Is Born SoundtrackShallow1,954,002,314
Lady GagaShallow1,954,002,314
Post MaloneStoney (Deluxe)Congratulations1,657,115,147
Post MaloneCongratulations1,657,115,147
Shawn MendesRomanceSe??orita2,289,168,393
Shawn MendesSe??orita2,289,168,393
Twenty One PilotsBlurryfaceStressed Out1,793,900,055
Twenty One PilotsStressed Out1,793,900,055
Ariana Grandethank u, nextthank u, next1,604,660,668
Ariana Grandek bye for now (swt live)thank u, next - live5,816,307
Ariana Grandethank u, next1,610,476,975
XXXTENTACION? (Deluxe)SAD! - Instrumental2,631,445
Lil Uzi VertLuv Is Rage 2 (Deluxe)XO Tour Llif31,796,945,806
Lil Uzi VertXO Tour Llif31,796,945,806
Justin BieberPurpose (Deluxe)What Do You Mean?1,359,925,983
Justin BieberPurpose (Deluxe)What Do You Mean? - Acoustic167,210,597
Justin BieberBestWORKWhat Do You Mean?3,755
Justin BieberWhat Do You Mean?1,527,140,335
Mike PosnerSunbathing SoundtrackI Took A Pill In Ibiza - Seeb Remix1,624,638,573
Mike PosnerAt Night, Alone. (Expanded Edition)I Took A Pill In Ibiza - Seeb Remix1,624,638,573
Mike PosnerAt Night, Alone. (Expanded Edition)I Took A Pill In Ibiza72,521,255
Mike PosnerPeaceful PianoI Took A Pill In Ibiza1,427,194
Mike PosnerRelaxing Classical Playlist: Soothing Guitar PiecesI Took a Pill in Ibiza - Acoustic Cover62,813
Mike PosnerI Took A Pill In Ibiza - Seeb Remix3,323,288,408
Justin BieberPurpose (Deluxe)Love Yourself1,933,667,988
Justin BieberLove Yourself1,933,667,988
The Kid LAROIF*CK LOVE 3: OVER YOUSTAY (with Justin Bieber)2,255,938,984
The Kid LAROISTAY (with Justin Bieber)2,255,938,984
James ArthurBack from the EdgeSay You Won't Let Go2,175,836,761
James ArthurSay You Won't Let Go (Luca Schreiner Remix)Say You Won't Let Go - Luca Schreiner Remix33,830,912
James ArthurSay You Won't Let Go2,209,667,673
Travis ScottThe Hate U Give (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)Goosebumps1,849,930,458
Travis ScottGoosebumps (Remix)Goosebumps - Remix582,406,108
Travis ScottGoosebumps2,432,336,566
Kendrick LamarDAMN.HUMBLE.1,749,081,634
Kendrick LamarHUMBLE.1,999,590,301
DrakeScorpionGod's Plan2,066,148,182
DrakeGod's Plan2,066,148,182
The WeekndStarboyStarboy2,074,546,159
The WeekndStarboy (Kygo Remix)Starboy - Kygo Remix74,698,524
The WeekndStarboy2,149,244,683
Ariana Grandethank u, next7 rings1,852,556,982
Ariana Grandek bye for now (swt live)7 rings - live10,333,524
Ariana GrandeBestWORK7 rings3,160
Ariana Grande7 rings1,862,893,666
Harry StylesFine LineWatermelon Sugar2,028,231,107
Harry StylesWatermelon Sugar2,028,231,107
Post Malonebeerbongs & bentleysBetter Now1,670,082,412
Post MaloneBetter Now1,670,082,412
XXXTENTACION17Jocelyn Flores1,847,631,977
XXXTENTACIONJocelyn Flores1,847,631,977

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Rc Coleman

Does anyone have a current top 100 list of the most streamed songs in these decades, the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s


This isn’t current, it was last updated in October 2020 but it is what you’re looking for.


One more prediction. The next songs (after Watermelon Sugar and Save Your Tears) that will enter the top 50 are:
The Kid LAROI – Stay – 1,469
Glass Animals – Heat Waves – 1,294
Both having 4+ million daily updates.


Moreover, looks like the next song (after Levitating and Watermelon Sugar) that will slip into Top 50 is The Weeknd’s ‘Save Your Tears’. The song already has 1,49 Billion streams across all versions and adds more than 2,5 million streams daily.


Btw, looks like the next song (after Levitating) that will slip into Top 50 is Harry Style’s ‘Watermelon Sugar’. The song already has 1,58 Billion streams and adds more than 1 million streams daily.


Should Levitating now be in this? Levitating DaBaby Remix: 1.164B + Original: 410m + Other Versions: 72m Total = 1.646B


Levitating by Dua Lipa already has 1,644 Billion streams across all version. It should be added to the list.


Oops, I just wrote the same thing. I didn’t see your post.


With around 1,615B streams across all remixes (via Spotify streaming numbers tool), ‘Levitating’ by Dua Lipa should make this list right above Post Malone’s ‘Circles’, kicking out ‘XO Tour Llif3’ by Lil Uzi Vert (amazing song)


Hi, would it be possible to make it a top 100 instead of 50?


Are you using counter streams on your data? Or the filteres ones?




Martin or MJD? Help 😭


What’s wrong with this? Shape of You with 2,430,803 daily streams and Blinding Lights with 2,118,404? Out of all songs, Mi Gente, that aged HORRIBLY, with 26,297,566? What’s wrong here be honest now


omg don’t tell me y’all have my IP 😳😭 I made no fake claims, if you take your time to check it yourself there are no lies. Anyways, it’s been 3 days and it remains wrong.


Imagine being so obsessed with a website because they don’t inflate your fave’s numbers😱

Ed Sheeran’s spotify numbers here are legit and correct. He’s already arguably the king of Spotify and this article further solidifies that statement. But you’re here wanting every single milestone that Spotify can offer for Ed and only Ed Sheeran? Renaming yourself as “Chartstarters” isn’t gonna offend anyone considering how childish that “insult” is. Bye and don’t come back.