France Best Selling Albums Ever:
Update Part 3

Laura PausiniThe Best Of (2001) : 1 005 000

Responsible for tons of hits in her native Italy, Laura Pausini success has been almost exclusively achieved on the back of La Solitudine single in France. An unstoppable force during an entire decade, this best of now shares the show with 2013 set The Greatest Hits. Her two 2010s studio albums also failed to break the Top 50 Album Chart representing a downward spiral of the vocalist fame. La Solitudine remains a huge recurrent airplay hit still.

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Patrick BruelEntre Deux (2002) : 2 230 000

The 7th best selling album of all-time and the top seller among post-2000 releases, Entre Deux is far from being a classic album though. Made of covers of standards from 20s and 30s decades, this record destroyed everything when it first came out, remaining 38 consecutive weeks inside the Top 10 including 11 at the top. If both Entre Deux and his 1989 monster Alors Regarde sold roughly 2,2 million each, in terms of catalog appeal there is no match up between them. At Spotify, the 5 biggest tracks of Patrick Bruel are all from Alors Regarde, his 6th belongs to Juste Avant, while the top Entre Deux song is only at 7. Its entire track list is weaker combined than each of the three main hits from 1989 set individually. This explains why in spite of such gigantic sales not that long ago, the 2002 album is way down this list now.

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