Gwen Stefani albums and songs sales

CSPC Gwen Stefani albums and songs sales

After posting multiple hits as part of No Doubt, Gwen Stefani decided to embark a solo career from 2004.

With instant hits like What You Waiting For?, Rich Girl and Hollaback Girl, she obviously did the right move.

She hasn’t been much productive through, so what’s left from her legacy nowadays?

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France Album Sales: Eminem

Eminem by Bruno Grenge

If you wonder who’s the biggest selling act worldwide that emerged in the last 20 years, the answer is Eminem. During the peak of the music industry in 1999-2002, the American rapper was View More

France best selling albums ever:
Play by Moby (1999)

A la Dido, the success of Moby wasn’t exactly an out of the blue event. The album Play is likely the only album ever to be an underground hit album spanning four singles over 15 months and then a crossover hit with five singles. In total it got nine singles released over a 30 months period.

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