IFPI’s Global Top 10 Albums of 2017

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The IFPI has now published the most awaited list of the year: the official Worldwide Top 10 best selling albums of 2017. Expectedly, Ed Sheeran‘s Divide leads the way. The ranking still includes several strong surprises!

Please be aware that only albums from labels which do communicate their data to the IFPI are listed. For this reason BTS, EXO and Namie Amuro are missing.

1. Ed Sheeran – ÷ – 6,1 million
2. Taylor Swift – Reputation  – 4,5 million
3. P!nk – Beautiful Trauma – 1,8 million
4. Rag ‘n’ Bone Man – Human – 1,6 million
5. Sam Smith – The Thrill Of It All – 1,4 million
6. U2 – Songs of Experience – 1,3 million
7. Kendrick Lamar – Damn – 1,3 million
8. Eminem – Revival – 1,1 million
9. Harry Styles – Harry Styles – 1,0 million
10. Bruno Mars – 24k Magic – 1,0 million

Source: IFPI. Shipment figures. Physical and digital albums included. Streams excluded.

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Hey do you know why IFPI has different revenue numbers throughout the years?

For example, now they’re saying the global industry revenues in 2000 were $23.4 billion
comment image

However, in 2000 they reported the global industry revenues were $30.8 billion

That is a huge difference. What caused that?


So happy for Harry Styles in the list. He’s my favorite 1D member and has the most beautiful voice among the five. I hope he changes genre. Something more pop.


Can’t wait for Taylor Swift update. Her CSPC results will definitely receive a huge boost.


Why are Namie Amuro, SMAP, BTS and EXO out of that list? All them surprise one million copies. Namie sold almost 2 million


Surpassed* sorry for bad English


Historically, RIAJ/Japanese labels have been reporting sales data based on IFPI charts I could find from 2001 to 2016. It is odd that they skip the 2017 year.


Hello MJD,

Why are the IFPI’s numbers bigger than the real numbers?


Reputation is at 3,65 million SPS…

Definitely NOT 4,5 million pure sales!


YASS, Sam did that in just two months time.. 🤴King


MJD, do you think Taylor’s album was overshipped? Considering it’s barely at 2 million in the US I have a hard time believing she sold another 2.5 million outside!


how many of these 4.5 million copies of reputation were actually sold?


It is not possible for Taylor to carry that amount because he only carries 2 million and certifications outside of the USA, he only has about 300 thousand, as it is possible that he carries 4.5M, he must have about 3 million in pure


Do you believe the album has crossed 3m in pure sales WW?


Wait. And about Namie Amuro and BTS? Both of them sold almost 2 million confirmed by local reports. A IFPI’s mistake or their label doesn’t report the shipments? Very strange


Not all labels report their sales to the IFPI. Namie Amuro would be #3 for sure. Both BTS and EXO would be top 10 as well according to Gaon


True. For some reasons album sales in Asia and particularly China are largely ignored


WOW, despite of literally global market through all the social media and the internet as a whole, such low numbers are surprisingly ridiculous in comparison to previous decades where there was no internet and most artists relied only on tv, radio and mag sources and were able to sell tens of millions of real, physical records.

Especially if we do not consider the US or UK market to be “the only global” market…, like Asia, Africa or even Europe were unimportant.

Now, we can see the 6 million number as the max.


Streaming has KILLED the music industry.

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