Best selling artists, albums and singles of all-time

1996/1997 - History Tour, Billie Jean

Albums Ranking – Raw sales – Studio albums

This list is about studio albums only. Compilations, lives and box sets are not considered here. The figures given here are units sold.

Please keep in mind that some artists are missing, because their analysis has not been done yet. The complete list is available here. All figures reflect the value as collected at the time of the artist’s respective articles.

Available Lists

#YearCoverArtistAlbumAlbum SalesAs Of
11969AbbeyThe BeatlesAbbey Road26,700,00004/17/22
21967Sgt.The BeatlesSgt. Pepper?s Lonely Hearts Club Band24,800,00004/17/22
31969LedLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin II21,900,00009/07/21
41968TheThe BeatlesThe Beatles (White Album)19,000,00004/17/22
51969LedLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin I15,800,00009/07/21
61965RubberThe BeatlesRubber Soul14,400,00004/17/22
71967TheThe DoorsThe Doors13,810,00003/03/19
81966RevolverThe BeatlesRevolver12,450,00004/17/22
91967MagicalThe BeatlesMagical Mystery Tour10,600,00004/17/22
101965Help!The BeatlesHelp!9,850,00004/17/22
111964AThe BeatlesA Hard Day's Night9,350,00004/17/22
121967AreJimi Hendrix ExperienceAre You Experienced9,215,00012/21/21
131968ElectricJimi Hendrix ExperienceElectric Ladyland7,710,00012/21/21
141969LetThe Rolling StonesLet It Bleed7,000,00002/10/22
161969Crosby,Crosby, Stills & NashCrosby, Stills & Nash [CSN]6,670,00005/16/21
171967ABarbra StreisandA Christmas Album6,580,00003/16/18
181968WaitingThe DoorsWaiting for the Sun6,270,00003/03/19
191963PleaseThe BeatlesPlease Please Me5,900,00004/17/22
201963WithThe BeatlesWith the Beatles5,850,00004/17/22
211967StrangeThe DoorsStrange Days5,760,00003/03/19
221964BeatlesThe BeatlesBeatles for Sale5,650,00004/17/22
231966SoundsSimon & GarfunkelSounds of Silence5,550,00005/11/18
241969WillyCreedence Clearwater RevivalWilly And The Poor Boys5,540,00001/31/19
251969GreenCreedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River5,360,00001/31/19
261968BookendsSimon & GarfunkelBookends5,300,00005/11/18
271966Parsley,Simon & GarfunkelParsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme5,250,00005/11/18
281966BlondeBob DylanBlonde on Blonde5,100,00012/14/21
291969UmmagummaPink FloydUmmagumma5,050,00006/18/17
301965HighwayBob DylanHighway 61 Revisited5,000,00012/14/21
311967Axis:Jimi Hendrix ExperienceAxis: Bold As Love4,685,00012/21/21
321961BlueElvis PresleyBlue Hawaii4,650,00009/01/18
331969TheThe DoorsThe Soft Parade4,590,00003/03/19
341969BayouCreedence Clearwater RevivalBayou Country4,450,00001/31/19
351963TheBob DylanThe Freewheelin? Bob Dylan4,200,00012/14/21
361969YellowThe BeatlesYellow Submarine4,200,00004/17/22
371968BeggarsThe Rolling StonesBeggars Banquet4,000,00002/10/22
381966AftermathThe Rolling StonesAftermath3,900,00002/10/22
391969NashvilleBob DylanNashville Skyline3,800,00012/14/21
401965BringingBob DylanBringing It All Back Home3,800,00012/14/21
411967HowElvis PresleyHow Great Thou Art3,510,00009/01/18
421969EverybodyNeil Young with Crazy HorseEverybody Knows This Is Nowhere3,265,00005/16/21
431967JohnBob DylanJohn Wesley Harding3,200,00012/14/21
441968FunnyBarbra StreisandFunny Girl (Soundtrack)2,960,00003/16/18
451965OutThe Rolling StonesOut of Our Heads2,850,00002/10/22
461964TheBob DylanThe Times They Are a-Changin?2,800,00012/14/21
471960G.I.Elvis PresleyG.I. Blues2,780,00009/01/18
481969MorePink FloydMore2,700,00006/18/17
491968CreedenceCreedence Clearwater RevivalCreedence Clearwater Revival2,695,00001/31/19
501964TheThe Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones2,500,00002/10/22
511967TheirThe Rolling StonesTheir Satanic Majesties Request2,450,00002/10/22
521967ThePink FloydThe Piper at the Gates of Dawn2,450,00006/18/17
531969DavidDavid BowieDavid Bowie (1969)2,300,00003/11/22
541967BetweenThe Rolling StonesBetween the Buttons2,200,00002/10/22
551964WednesdaySimon & GarfunkelWednesday Morning, 3 A.M.2,140,00005/11/18
561969ThenFleetwood MacThen Play On2,000,00010/21/21
571968APink FloydA Saucerful of Secrets1,900,00006/18/17
581960HisElvis PresleyHis Hand in Mine1,870,00009/01/18
59196412The Rolling Stones12 X 51,700,00002/10/22
601964AnotherBob DylanAnother Side of Bob Dylan1,700,00012/14/21
611968ShadesDeep PurpleShades of Deep Purple1,625,00008/18/21
621969DianaJackson 5Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 51,600,00009/26/17
631968PeterFleetwood MacPeter Green's Fleetwood Mac1,600,00010/21/21
641965MyBarbra StreisandMy Name Is Barbra, Two?1,470,00003/16/18
651967BeeBee GeesBee Gees' 1st1,350,00004/09/17
661969FromElvis PresleyFrom Elvis in Memphis1,310,00009/01/18
671965LookSonny & CherLook At Us1,300,00008/30/17
681965TheThe Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones, Now!1,300,00002/10/22
691965December?sThe Rolling StonesDecember?s Children (And Everybody?s)1,300,00002/10/22
701964PeopleBarbra StreisandPeople1,260,00003/16/18
711968IdeaBee GeesIdea1,250,00004/09/17
721969OdessaBee GeesOdessa1,200,00004/09/17
731968HorizontalBee GeesHorizontal1,200,00004/09/17
741960ElvisElvis PresleyElvis Is Back!1,160,00009/01/18
751967BuffaloBuffalo SpringfieldBuffalo Springfield Again1,155,00005/16/21
761962Girls!Elvis PresleyGirls! Girls! Girls!1,140,00009/01/18
771965MyBarbra StreisandMy Name Is Barbra1,130,00003/16/18
781968Mr.Fleetwood MacMr. Wonderful1,100,00010/21/21
791969AnRod StewartAn Old Raincoat Won't Ever Let You Down1,080,00011/23/19
801965TheThe Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones No. 21,000,00002/10/22
811966BuffaloBuffalo SpringfieldBuffalo Springfield995,00005/16/21
821962PotElvis PresleyPot Luck870,00009/01/18
831969MyStevie WonderMy Cherie Amour740,00003/20/21
841968ForStevie WonderFor Once in My Life575,00003/20/21
851966Up-TightStevie WonderUp-Tight510,00003/20/21

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Is Neil Diamond missing on page 17?


yes, he hasn’t been studied, but he’s definitely sold a lot


“Please keep in mind that some artists are missing, because their analysis has not been done yet.”

I’m genuinely stunned by the amount of people who comment on articles without having read them, I think it’s literally most of the comments on the “Request Your Artists” page…


I remembered it had been studied by confusing it with Neil Young


will you be updating michael jackson any time soon?


Ajournal a. cross published list about artists who have sold their songs. Latest is Drake, maybe biggest star in world now, priced at 400 $ million and continues to be Universal company. And now Pink Floyd is just selling their songs. Very interesting. Lets say now is bit bad time, war in Ukraine, inflation among others. That’s running list: Bob Dylan 550$ million (400 $ million publishing), Bruce Springsteen 550 $ dollar. And next Drake 400 $ million. Neil Diamond, Sting, Paul Simon all about 300 $ million. Neil Young 150 $ million, David Bowie 250 $ million, only publishing… Read more »


“As you can see, no Divas.”

No Beatles or Michael Jackson either, so your attempt at trolling is likely to fail. Also, I’m pretty sure Tina Turner and Stevie Nicks qualify as “divas”.


Ok, i will add. Madonna made a deal with Warner 2021, but the price had been kept quit. Why?Madonna’s composer partner sold her stake in the same deal.
No has rap music been worthy of investors until now, Drake.
Music business professionals will the help record company add value to the music. It is a auction and the one thats pays the most wins. I only write what i know. That’s it.


I appreciate the work that you guys are doing. I can tell without a doubt that Chartmasters is the most accurate website for music statistics. I’ve read all your articles regarding formulas. All the formulas set are very well-thought. But I humbly disagree with some points that I think is a mistake and I would kindly like to mention them and I hope you will consider them: (1) Featured songs: It’s not correct to give equal value to lead songs and featured songs as only singing a few lines gives them the full value. For the featured artist, either it… Read more »


Oh, another thing about features: In my humble opinion, feature of a singer under a DJ should be considered a lead song for the singer too as the singer sings the whole song in order to know the true popularity of the artist. It doesn’t make any difference when listening to the song whether the DJ is credited as lead, feature or as producer.


Hi RS! Thanks for the nice words and thanks for the clear and non-partisan views, this is the kind of critics which are pleasing to read! We are constantly thinking about adjustments as the market evolves. For example, I used to consider features were correctly considered, because the featured act gets only CSPC units from singles formats (physical, download, streams), while the lead artist got most of the units from album formats (the studio album, compilations, lives, videos). I often used the example of Love The Way You Lie, where Rihanna effectively had way less units from it than Eminem… Read more »

Lim Hyunjin

Where I live, I have to pay to use Spotify. On the other hand, YouTube allows me to listen to music for free. For this reason, many people will use YouTube instead of Spotify to listen to music. So I think the YouTube view rate and audio streaming rate should be the same. Thank you for your good comments. Whenever I entered Chartmaster, I always felt uncomfortable at the thought that the YouTube view rate was too low. Hopefully it will be improved in a reasonable way.

Last edited 10 days ago by Lim Hyunjin

Just out of interest regarding ASR, is the baseline (Michael Jackson) being continually reevaluated as other artists are being updated?

I see, for example, that The Beatles are now up to 928. Is this against the baseline as it is now (May 2022) or from the date when Michael Jackson was first studied/calculated?


1 61 62 63
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