Flashback Chart – P!nk’s I’m Not Dead debuts at #7 in France

More than a year and a half ago, I introduced this blog by mentioning that our role was going to include three main aspects as listed below:

  1. Collecting raw data.
  2. Interpreting technically collected values.
  3. Understanding the social meaning of information.

Since then we have extensively treated the last two parts. During the building process we go through never-ending documents and links of raw data to build the final articles. Today, I’m going to introduce this new series, Flashback Charts, to share some raw data I collected over the years.

I propose to start it with a French document from the week ending April 8, 2006. Why that chart? As a wink to P!nk‘s comeback, this ranking is the debut week of her pivotal album I’m Not Dead.

It isn’t about copy / pasting information already available. Here, I’m adding as an attached file a never before seen document. It is a document that was sent directly from the IFOP, former Soundscan-like system of France, to the labels on a weekly basis.

During that week, P!nk debuted with 10,714 sales at #7. Kelly Clarkson registered her career high sales-wise in France with Breakaway selling 4,796 units. James Blunt was still going strong. A promising singer named Rihanna was debuting with SOS at a then career-high #17 position. Beyoncé‘s Check On It first entered also. Madonna, Mylène Farmer, Dorothée, Mélanie C, the Pussycat Dolls, M Pokora, Ricky Martin, Sean Paul, Najoua Belyzel, Lorie, Celine Dion and, yes, even the Sugababes, were all inside the Top 30 on the Singles side.

The annual album of Les Enfoirés debuted at #1 with 142,131 sales in two days, while Magalie Vaé was the first Star Academy winner to seriously flop with her #13 entry.

No more words, I’ll let you enjoy the file and all its information!



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