France Album Sales: Britney Spears

Femme Fatale (2011) Era

During all her career, Britney Spears released two kind of songs. First, she started with catchy pop hits, then she moved to clubbing songs. Both kind of songs have been successful overall in the Singles Chart, but clubbing songs are way weaker as far as album support is concerned. Her return to catchy songs a la Womanizer was very well received, the same can’t be said about her new clubbing songs included on Femme Fatale.

First single Hold It Against Me bombed at #31, the second Till The World Ends was much bigger at #8 with a long run, the third I Wanna Go was a big #5 hit, the fourth Criminal went #13. This is the Singles side, as the album Femme Fatale debuted at #4 only and after two weeks left definitely the Top 25 despite the April release date, way more favorable to remain high on charts. The album did held decently well all year long thanks to the heavy amount of airplay the singer received – #7 most aired artist of the year – but sales were up to only 75,000 units after more than nine months of promotion, by far the lowest amount of an artist inside the Top 10 most aired acts.

B In The Mix – The Remixes Vol. 2 was released in October but sold only 5,000 units.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Till The World Ends – 48,657,000
  2. I Wanna Go – 34,869,000
  3. Hold It Against Me – 23,925,000

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Its a pretty disappointing figure for some of her standard. Guess she wasnt really that big in France, and Europe as a whole.


Well first of all, this article is outdated. Her CSPC analysis has updated sales for her albums in France. They look like this now: 1999 Baby One More Time – 720,000 2000 Oops!… I Did It Again – 510,000 2001 Britney – 415,000 2003 In The Zone – 280,000 2007 Blackout – 95,000 2008 Circus – 190,000 2011 Femme Fatale – 90,000 2013 Britney Jean – 30,000 She’s the biggest female of her generation in France. Not just there, in most of Europe actually. Her numbers are very good, I don’t see what’s disappointing about them. They’re slightly less impressive… Read more »


Even in the UK her album sales are still very good. She’s among the Top 20 best-selling female artists ever in terms of album sales.


Can’t be that disappointing when she has outsold all her main female peers there, and by a large margin…

1. Britney Spears – 2,675,000
2. P!nk – 1,605,000
3. Alicia Keys – 1,420,000
4. Jennifer Lopez – 1,085,000
5. Avril Lavigne – 850,000
6. Destiny’s Child – 820,000
7. Beyoncé – 755,000
8. Christina Aguilera – 400,000

She’s also outsold Shakira (around 2.2 million album sales), and obviously the likes of Taylor Swift (who has yet to outsell Glory with her new album), Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, etc.


Oh. Of course she is the best selling female artists, among all of her competitors during her time. But I was expecting she would pull a big huge number like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston did in Europe (Never expected her to be as big as Celine and Madonna though in Europe). It was quite disappointing to me that it wasn’t even close to Mariah, because I always thought that she was crazy2 big in Europe. But then again. Like what you guys said. Among her closest female competitors, she was the top dawg. And I bet she barely lose… Read more »


Hi! Great job! That’s a great total. However I have a little question.

According to this “Britney” sold 196,000 2001: 196,000 and 209,000 in 2002, making a total of 405,000. Which one is more accurate?

Either way, thanks a lot for doing this! I’m surprised The Singles Collection sold that much.