France Album Sales: Beyonce

B’Day (2006) Era

B’Day era was pretty mixed for Beyonce in France. Anticipation wasn’t that big as last Destiny’s Child album disappointed and Dangerously In Love was already three years old, an eternity for an artist with an audience consisting mostly of teenagers in France.

First singles of this era weren’t that well received either with Check On It peaking at #32 and Déjà Vu at #23. As a result, B’Day opened at #12 only, an improvement from previous album but rather low considering the final sales of that album. After barely six weeks, the album had left the Top 100.

Changing the way of an album in France is rather difficult. Even a big hit can push the album up again but still in a restricted dimension. That’s exactly what happened with B’Day era it wasn’t saved even if singles performed better and better, with third one Irreplaceable peaking at #10 and fourth single, duet with Shakira Beautiful Liar, was a big #1 hit. Beyonce previously peaked at #8 with both her solo singles and her hits with the Destiny’s Child, so one may expect wonders from a #1 smash. The problem is that Beautiful Liar was regarded in France much more as a Shakira single as the Colombian already registered several big cross over hits unlike Beyonce. Thus, even B’Day reissue containing this new hit only went to #29 and dropped fast.

The album barely made it into the 2006 year end chart at #199 with 34,000 sales and was then #143 of 2007 with 43,000 units.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Irreplaceable – 54,930,000
  2. Listen – 24,119,000
  3. Upgrade U feat. Jay-Z – 23,642,000

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WoW she had abysmal sales in France I wonder how she managed to make few stadium tour there I think she was more a popular celebrity than a selling artist here


I fail to see how IASF sold 150k in France. You should break it down.


I didn’t know you had new website. It’s great to see your estimation again.
Good job.

George Micly

She is too big to be compared with GWEN STEFANI ??? LOL

Beyoncé funny but remains simply a gay icon, Gwen Stefani is it inovatrice in the field of music as in fashion, you can not compare what is not comparable


George Micly’s comment is delusional in every possible way! LOL… No offense!


Maybe shes too big to be compared to Gwen Stefanie. However, her sales worldwide (Out of the US, UK, Canada) isnt that impressive either. Selling less than 200k in a big market such as France is nothing impressive. Her sales in Germany is dreadful as well. Her sales in Japan is just OK, but definitely not one of the biggest star there. So for you to compare her with Gwen Stefanie out of the blue is really weird. The fact you choose Gwen Stefanie, a singer who is not really that well known worldwide, is kinda funny. Why not compare… Read more »


HAHAHAH Beyoncé’s career is 10x bigger than Gwen’s (even tho i love gwen). The fact that B’day, an underperformance outsold and was a bigger era (WW) than Gwen’s L.A.M.B. should say everything.


R&B is not popular in France lmfaoo

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