France Album Sales: Beyonce

Dangerously In love (2003) Era

Over the course of Destiny’s Child years the breakthrough of Beyonce as a solo artist became more and more inevitable. It happened in 2003 with the Dangerously In Love album, recorded with the help of cult rapper and master producer Jay-Z.

The set included two songs already issued as singles. The title track was the sixth single of Destiny’s Child Survivor album, a track already written and produced by Beyonce but rearranged for her solo debut. Work It Out was the debut solo single of the artist, included on Austin Powers In Goldmember soundtrack and released in 2002. While both tracks failed to make much of an impact in France, with only the latter one charting at #87, Beyonce profile had already increased thanks to her featuring on Jay-Z cult song ’03 Bonnie And Clyde. A #25 peaking song in early 2003, it was a huge urban hit nevertheless. In parralel, the album debuted at #14. During three months it remained quite stable until being pushed down faster by September busy release schedule. Second single Baby Boy featuring Sean Paul shot to #8 and sustained the album well too.

As she was cementing her status of leading voice among the urban segment Beyonce was still failing to cross over the main audience. It explains why despite sticking 52 consecutive weeks inside the Top 100, the album never out-peaked its original #14 debut.

Her album sold over 140,000 units during the year 2003. Continuous sales in 2004 brought in 81,000 more sales thanks to the stabilization brought by Naughty Girl single which peaked at #18.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Crazy In Love  feat. Jay-Z – 102,814,000
  2. Baby Boy feat. Sean Paul – 31,330,000
  3. ’03 Bonnie And Clyde feat. Jay-Z – 24,990,000

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