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Destiny Fulfilled (2004) Era

While the future of the Destiny’s Child as a band was uncertain giving the relevant success of all its members during years 2002-2003 as solo artists, they still joined to drop a last album together, 2004 set Destiny Fulfilled.

Although lead single Lose My Breath became their highest peaking song ever in France at #8, it failed to support the album that well. Debuting at #9, Destiny Fulfilled appeared too weak to face the strong November competition dropping to #30 on its second week. Urban albums tend to perform rather poorly in France during the holyday season as sales overall increase tremendously at this period, even more than on other countries, thanks to tons of adult contemporary / crossover artists selling bucket loads. Thus, urban albums that do not enjoy the gift buying so much end up charting much lower than on other time frames of the year. At the end of its era, Destiny Fulfilled cumulated a mere 4 weeks Top 50 and 12 weeks Top 100.

The album still sold 65,000 units for the year while the single scanned 94,000 units. Additional singles in 2005 failed to gain traction but continuous promotion pushed the album close to 100,000 total units. As the Destiny’s Child chapter was closing, #1’s compilation was released in October 2005. The set went to #4 on compilation chart but failed to move large amounts. It scanned 39,000 copies for the year.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Lose My Breath– 13,842,000
  2. Cater 2 U – 13,106,000
  3. Soldier feat. T.I. & Lil Wayne – 10,810,000

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