Streaming World: Back To 2012

2012 TOP 60 HITS – 36 to 40

The word Hipster started to be on everyone’s mouth in 2012. Their flagship among musicians were undoubtedly Mumford & Sons who were peaking popularity-wise by the release of their second effort Babel, led by the song I Will Wait. There is much less talks about the movement and about the band now, but the song is still getting plenty of streams at more than 220 million.

Lana Del Rey continues to impress as she joins Bieber among the artists who make the list at least 3 times. We will see later if Video Games is the last one or not.

Calvin Harris has been a force at Spotify for long so it is no surprise to see Feel So Close on 214 million streams. The critically acclaimed Alt-J is present as well with their signature song Breezeblocks. along with Britney Spears had a last high point on their respective careers. Scream & Shout is #38 of the list.

3 thoughts on “Streaming World: Back To 2012”

  1. Born to die really is a streaming monster, she is one of the top 10 most streamed females on spotify!
    i wonder how ultraviolence would do in a 2014 list

  2. Carly Rae Jepsen has actually had a couple of other hits since “Call me maybe”. “Good time”, with owl City, was a top 10 hit in various markets (US, UK, Japan, France, Belgium, Australia). “I really like you” was a european hit in 2015 (#3 in the UK, top 20 in The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Denmark). It also reached the top 20 in her native Canada and Japan. Well, that’s about it. 🙂

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