Streaming World: Back To 2012

2012 TOP 100 HITS – #8

Bruno Mars – When I Was Your Man – 397 125 000

As previously mentioned with the example of Treasure, even when they are big hits in first place, songs of Bruno Mars still grow even more afterwards. By 2014, When I Was Your Man was the 20th most streamed song from 2012 at 135,5 million Spotify plays, just behind Scream & Shout which was on 140,7 million. The latter song now has 211 million streams, an increase of 60 million, while the former hit by Bruno Mars is on 397 million, a mere 261 million more than 3 years ago. As the song was #1 back in 2013 in the US and #8 in the World for 2013, one may wonder how its popularity can continue to grow so much. The real question becomes how high will it go?

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