Streaming World: Back To 2012

2012 TOP 100 HITS – #14

The Lumineers – Ho Hey – 351 671 000

Some hits peak high and fast, others last forever. Ho Hey was never #1 in the Hot 100, getting blocked at #3. It led the Rock Songs chart for as many as 18 non-consecutive weeks though. Its extensive run was reproduced in various markets which enabled it to be 5xPlatinum in Australia and 7xPlatinum in Canada without ever reaching the top spot.

It was a streaming smash from day 1. In fact, for some time in late 2013 it was one of the 10 most streamed songs from 2012 at Spotify. It has been slowly going down since, although it remains at an healthy #14 position with a huge tally of 352 million streams.

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