Streaming World: Back To 2012

2012 TOP 60 HITS – 26 to 30

Few bands recorded as many hits as Maroon 5 during the last 15 years. One of them was One More Night which is closing in 250 million streams. This song was the 8th top selling digital song of the year back in 2012.

Starships by Nicki Minaj was big in first place, hitting #5 in the US and France but also #2 in Australia and in the UK. It did so with extensive runs on high positions enabling it to be the IFPI’s #7 top selling song of the year. It remains a relevant song to this day.

Imagine Dragons‘ album Night Visions was incredibly successful, especially in the US. It spawned various major hits, including It’s Time. It was the lead single, paving the way for subsequent hits, some of which will be met later on this list.

Years 2005 to 2017 can’t be reviewed without mentioning Rihanna. She released the album Unapologetic that year. It included the huge hit Stay, up there at #27.

The result of Tom Odell‘s Another Love is mind-blowing. The song, completely ignored in the US where it never made a Billboard Chart, not even the most minor ones, hits #26 among the top songs from 2012. Even more incredible is that it wasn’t even that much of a big hit in the native country of Tom Odell as it peaked at #10 in the UK. The song went to #11 at its best in both France and Germany while never charting in Australia, it also failed to chart in all Scandinavian countries were streaming was already huge by 2012. All those elements make its 246 million all the more impressive, we can now wonder how much Another Love can continue to grow in upcoming years.

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