Who we are

ChartMasters wouldn’t be what it is without the incredibly dedicated people behind it. So here is who we are!

ChartMasters’ team

Guillaume Vieira, France

Already into estimating the commercial success of artists for a good 15 years by then, Guillaume has founded ChartMasters in the first days of 2016. By now, Guillaume’s main activities include:

  • assessing artists’ success (from datamining to writing the resulting articles, through the CSPC methodology),
  • developing scripts and overlooking all technical aspects of the website,
  • managing public relationships,
  • and coordinating contributors.

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Anthony Blanchard, France

Anthony has joined Guillaume’s efforts shortly after ChartMasters’ creation and his impact has been immense since, notably on challenging and improving work efficiency and data reliability. Anthony is taking charge of a significant part of the CSPC studies, tracking discographies and retrieving streaming statistics for all artists studied.

Al, Norway

Al too has joined shortly after the launch. His relentless efforts on turning charts data into exploitable and relevant information, tracking album releases worldwide, or filling metadata holes are pushing forward ChartMasters’ comprehensiveness and accuracy. As a very curious person, Al is also keeping a broadly-interested eye on the market and helping the team to stay up-to-date on any industry matter.

Mélanie Vieira, France

Meeting (to later marry) Guillaume in 2017, Mélanie is since bringing in insights on how to make ChartMasters more sustainable in the long run. She is keen on growing value for the user, improving back-end efficiency and reliability, and strengthening ChartMasters’ status in the industry, and she’s taking charge of the administrative / legal aspects of running ChartMasters.

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Mitchell Hunt, Australia

A native English-speaking marketing student and a ChartMasters fan, Mitch has joined the team in 2023. He is active on ChartMasters’ Twitter account and helps out on writing and proofreading articles.

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Users and super users

ChartMasters’ users are tremendously helpful in growing the website. Through their comments and direct messages, they help spot data glitches, room for improvements, and valuable new features.

Some very active and long-term users of ChartMasters also contribute by sharing their insights about specific areas of the music industry and their advice on works in progress before they are made public.

Many thanks to them all!

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