Streaming World: Back To 2000

Bob the builder can't fix it anymore...

2000 uk tOP 10 Sellers


If you have been following for long, you must know by now that my main concern is not to provide raw data. Sales information can be learned and found here and there. My main objective is to provide readers a real understanding, getting figures is good, understanding their deep meaning is better. By listing all most streamed tracks from 2000, it may look like all big songs are getting big streams. Thus, in this page I’m reversing the point of view and looking at streaming of the biggest selling songs of 2000 in arguably the biggest singles market of that year, the UK.

What do we notice? That the 2000 yearly #1 got the ridiculous amount of 872,000 streams from Spotify. Spiller hit Groovejet does even worse at 458,000 streams. The only song featuring truly high on both rankings – most streamed nowadays and best selling at the time – is Stan. If I extend this list to the Top 20 best sellers we will see hits from Gabrielle, Modjo or Melanie C that are all under 3 million at Spotify count.

Now, just imagine a CSPC article about those same artists. The deepest understanding to get about all raw data you may read on some artist is the added value reasoning. It doesn’t matter that much if a song sells well upon release. For sure the manager from BBC Records that had the idea to release Bob The Builder in CD format certainly got a nice Christmas bonus for the money brought in at the time. If you think in terms of created value now, you will understand that release is absolutely irrelevant in the whole scheme of the music industry. Coldplay, Eminem or Linkin Park created an awful lot of value when dropping songs like those we have see, Bob The Builder or Spiller created close to nothing. That’s exactly the deepest target of the CSPC approach, to go further from a basic top selling list in some format for some country to identify instead which era created the most value for the music industry and how much value it created!

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Sources: OCC Charts, Spotify, YouTube,

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