Streaming World: Back To 2000

2000 TOP 100 HITS – #3

Eminem – The Real Slim Shady – 113 500 000

With Stan at #8 it was only quite clear why The Marshall Mathers LP was such a huge success when first released in 2000. In spite of this, such a terrific blockbuster is not the biggest song from the album as The Real Slim Shady is up to a massive 113,5 million streams, enough for a Top 3 ranking among 2000 hits.

This song is the one that truly stepped up the career of Eminem, going from a successful new artist to the biggest rapper ever and the hottest act in the music industry within’ a couple of years. A #1 hit in the UK and a #4 single in the US, more than anything this song rocketed its parent album to immaculate sales.

After all, as we have been seeing Eminem, Coldplay and Linkin Park dominating this list all over it, that appears quite natural to met one of them inside the Top 3 – if the Rap God is only one of them on it. As a tribute to this cult rap album, below is the list of all entries from The Marshall Mathers LP songs.


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