France best selling albums ever:
Caravane by Raphael (2005)

2005 stands as a truly bizarre year in French music industry. In a negative note, it saw only two million selling albums being released – Reprise Des Négociations by Bénabar and Caravane by Raphael, the first time in over a decade less than three albums made it. What stood as quite strange yet is that  View More

France best selling albums ever:
Zaz by Zaz (2010)

Coming out of nowhere in May 2010, newcomer Zaz quickly gained attention thanks to her atypical hit Je Veux and its parent album, Zaz. Entering at #11, the intergenerational appeal of the album sent it to #1 in its 6th week where it remained for 9 weeks. Loved by View More

France best selling albums ever:
21 by Adele (2011)

Sometimes even record breaking sales do not need explanations. The album and its singles connected with people, it’s as simple as that. The album 21 by Adele is one of them.

This sophomore effort registered some of the best results seen in decades in the UK, Canada, the US and Australia, among other countries. The story was no different in France where the LP reached highs unseen by an english-language release in nearly 20 years. More precisely since Michael Jackson‘s Dangerous album was released in 1991.

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