France best selling albums ever: Everybody by Worlds Apart (1996)

Everybody by Worlds Apart

New Kids In The Block in the US, Take That in UK… Worlds Apart in France. Yes, this isn’t a joke. If Take That success has been huge since their 1992 debut on their native UK, Worlds Apart has been a flopping  band from day 1. Their debut album peaked at #88 at the time and no subsequent album ever charted. View More

France best selling albums ever: Pure by Lara Fabian (1996)

Pure by Lara Fabian

Presented in medias like the new Celine Dion, Lara Fabian is very far from having a career near to her fellow countrywoman. Ironically, one decade earlier they both featured on 1988 Eurovision, won by Celine, with Lara taking a respectable 4th position representing Luxembourg. During a couple of years yet she did record some outstanding sales, most notably with her 1996 album Pure, which got released in France in June 1997.

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France best selling albums ever: Ultimate Collection by Barry White (1999)

Ultimate Collection by Barry White

Barry White is one of those acts with highly recognized hits that never sold large amounts of his studio albums, making him one hell of a candidate for big selling compilations. At that point, the main argument to get into million sales area is the cannibalization factor. In other words, the least compilations have been released, higher sales of those available will be.

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