Streaming Masters – Zara Larsson

audio-Lolla-Party-ohwonder-zara-larsson-22-3-18-foto-Leandro-Godoi (29)

She was only 10 when she won Talang, a show from the “Got Talent” franchise. Four year later, she was signed by a label and it took her only two years to become a global star when she was featured on a track by David Guetta, interpreting the official theme of the UEFA Euro 2016. Who is it? Obviously, Zara Larsson! Click here and gauge the success of the Swedish star on streaming platforms!
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Streaming Masters – J Balvin

¡Se viene el videoclip de este tema de J Balvin!

In recent years, latin music has become more and more important on streaming platforms. J Balvin is a significant example of this phenomenon, having score impressive numbers! How big is his success? The answer is here!

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Prediction Lab: Carrie Underwood’s Cry Pretty

Introduction to Data Science using Python

There is always excitement around the release of an album. Fans are eagerly waiting to hear new music, media are curious about what will happen, and chart geeks can’t wait to see the first results come in from iTunes, Spotify, Hits Daily Double, and Billboard.

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CSPC: Carrie Underwood Popularity Analysis


When Carrie Underwood became the season four winner of American Idol in May 2005, she still had to make it happen. The first winner Kelly Clarkson was smashing hard by then, but Ruben Studdard‘s sophomore effort was a bomb. Fantasia had done well with her debut record, as all of them, but without getting a true organic hit either. Underwood was going to quickly prove that she was more than a TV show short-lived star though.

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Streaming Masters – The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers

During the last two decades, various DJs got their hey-days. During the last 4 years though, very few have been as hot as The Chainsmokers. Their success on streaming platforms is wild, come see it by yourself!

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Play the game… and the winner is

jao during BigML's workshop at the IIIA-CSIC  (by Joan Carles Ambrojo)

Edit 11/03/2018: Thanks for all players of the game! We congratulate Calvin who wins it with 1,637 points. His choice for the next CSPC article is Björk who’s going to be studied as soon as the current artist is completed, Paul McCartney.

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A step into club sales of all-time top US sellers

Get any 6 records or tapes for a penny!

The EaglesGreatest Hits 1971-1975 sold 38 million copies in the US, making it the best selling album of all-time in the country. That’s a good story, at least good enough to make headlines of major American media for a pair of days. Many will simply think “wow!” when reading about it, charts followers’ reaction has been “How?” yet.

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CSPC: Elvis Presley Popularity Analysis


If you are lonesome tonight, you may have enough time to read the highly anticipated CSPC article of Elvis Presley… or you may not. His discography is so massive that at some point Chartmasters’ team though this work would never be completed. Now the challenge is on your side to go through all information available!

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Wild guessing is over

Thinking Of Mischief

Through the years, the charts and sales community have been accessing more and more information. Areas of sales that remained black boxes for long are now kind of familiar, for example music clubs and sales in some Latin American and Asian markets. A couple of months ago, I presented a new way to accurately gauge success with the help of YouTube Insights, providing a method to put numbers based on factual information rather than wild guessing. Today, I’m happy to say that the wild guessing era is over. A massively powerful tool fills in every data hole that remained up to now. Here is how to move from subjective estimations to accurate systematic processes.

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