Streaming Masters – Supertramp

Supertramp tracklist streaming results

Prog rock British icons Supertramp are still widely loved in markets like France and Italy, but they have disappeared from the radar in English-speaking markets for decades.

How does this situation translate into streaming numbers? Is it possibly to have sold millions of albums and get next to zero plays nowadays?

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Music quiz: how much of a chart freak are you?

Music quiz Chartmasters

It’s saturday. If you are a bit lucky, it’s also summer time at your place. While you are enjoying the sun and streaming Señorita, we serve you something to have fun while learning!

This ChartMasters-made music quiz will test your charts & sales knowledge in just 2 minutes. Tell us your score in comments and how much you like it so that we build more complexe tests for you!

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Amy Winehouse albums and songs sales

CSPC Amy Winehouse albums and singles sales

This month marks 8 years since British songstress Amy Winehouse sadly passed away at the age of 27.

Everybody remembers the iconic Back to Black. Despite being released nearly 13 years ago, the album is still making yearly sales rankings. How much have all of her albums sold across all formats? That’s what we are going to analyse today.

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Beatles global heatmap


Since their breakthrough in 1963, the Beatles have been the number one force of the music industry. It’s regarded as a given that they are massively popular all around the world.

How true is it yet? Their records sales in markets like the US, the UK, and Japan are monstruous, but does their appeal shines as well in lesser known regions?

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Evanescence albums and songs sales

Evanescence albums and singles sales

Back in 2003, the Amy Lee-led band Evanescence took the world by storm thanks to the super smash hit Bring Me To Life. Everyone though the band was here to stay.

Their last top 10 hit was way back in 2006 yet and they haven’t even issued a proper album since 2011. How relevant really is the band then?

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Looking at China’s most popular international artists

Every year China seems to be climbing several positions on IFPI’s top music market’s ranking and the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

In just a few years we could see this country overtake markets like the UK, France and Germany and seriously challenging Japan! So who is benefiting the most from this? Just like we did with Gaana earlier this year we’re now looking at the most followed international artists on QQ Music, China’s biggest streaming service.

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Streaming Masters – Evanescence

If you’re in your thirties, you’ve probably sung like crazy over Bring Me To Life and My Immortal at some point during your teenage years. That’s true no matter where you are from.

More than 15 years after Evanescence‘s impressive breakthrough, what’s left of their legacy?

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