The Police albums and songs sales

The Police, London, 1977

Back in late 70s, The Police were among the new wave artists who led media to start talking about the second British invasion. This terms refers to a multitude of UK acts suddenly becoming successful in the US.

Very few of them had the lasting impact of their mid-60s predecessors. Among those who did, U2 reign supreme over this generation, while the success of The Police has been impressive too.

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Streaming Masters – The Police

The Police streaming

In spite of a very short career and a mere five studio albums, The Police are responsible of many hits such as Roxanne, Message in a Bottle and Every Breath You Take.

Are these classics and their remaining songs still well listened to on streaming platforms?

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Top 1000 most streamed artists ever on Spotify

Spotify Most Streamed Artists Ever

Are you interested in the top 1000 most streamed artists ever on Spotify ranking, continuously updated? Here it is.

You have read it well. We present to you a Top 1000, instantly loaded and with data refreshed whenever you want.

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New streaming tools at ChartMasters

ChartMasters Streaming Tools

Please welcome our new streaming laboratory!

ChartMasters is evolving, adding to its assets multiple tools that will enable you to easily stay updated of artists shaking the current music scene.

In this article, we present to you the lifted version of our Spotify streaming tool as well as 4 new pages, updated daily, full of meaningful data.

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Why Spotify’s Monthly Listeners stat is irrelevant

Spotify Most Popular Artists

The query “monthly listeners” spotify, with the double quotes, gives you over 2 million results on Google, the perfect illustration of a statistic that is more and more popular. Yet, it’s irrelevant.

Get to know why so and why the unrecognized Popularity Index, that we now share with this page updated daily, makes a whole lot more sense instead.

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Streaming Masters – Sfera Ebbasta

Italian Sfera Ebbasta is no stranger in his home country. When it comes to rappers that popularised trap in Italy a few years ago, he is among the biggest names.

His 2018 album Rockstar broke all kinds of streaming records when it came out. How many units do you think it has accumulated after two years?

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Streaming Masters – PNL

French rap duo PNL was formed in 2014 and have the last few years stormed their home country’s streaming charts with their recent albums. They took up close to the entire top 20 on the French singles chart with their last output, Deux Frères.

The lead single from that album, Au DD broke the record for highest streaming week ever in France. This was even enough to reach Spotify’s Global Top 50 chart.

But let’s get to their total!

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Dear readers, your opinion is wanted!


It has now been over 4 years since we first went online. In this period, we studied thousands of albums and even more singles.

We went through various conceptual articles, CSPC, ASR, Heat maps, Prediction labs, etc.

As you know, it’s a mammoth task to publish all relevant articles plus fresh content in a regular basis.

This led us to this very simple question: what do you want? What are you hoping to see when you reach

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The most streamed International artists in the MENA region

The MENA region (short for Middle East and North Africa) has been a place of mystery for very long with no official charts and very few certifications ever coming out.

This resulted in very little awareness of sales happening there. Luckily these days are now over with streaming taking over the industry.

In this article, we will list the most popular international stars in the region, where does your favorite one lands?

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