France best selling albums ever:
Summary 1970-1979

Graff in Lyon - by ?

Male Albums

01 Neil Young Harvest (1972) : 1 570 000
02 Jacques Brel Les Marquises (1977) : 1 425 000
03 Julio Iglesias A Vous Les Femmes (1979) : 1 330 000
04 Yves Duteil Tarentelle (1977) : 1 200 000
05 Francis Cabrel Les Chemins De Traverse (1979) : 1 110 000
06 Tino Rossi C’est La Plus Belle Nuit De Noêl (1973) : 1 080 000
07 Michel Sardou La Java De Broadway (1977) : 1 065 000

It is hard to identify a group of seven singers as diverse as this one. As 70s music scene was dominated by rock bands, only one English singing solo artist managed to sell a million copies of an album from this decade. It is Neil Young, who not only features on this list but tops it. Harvest classic is followed by the farewell album of Jacques Brel, some kind of last whisper of the cult Chanson Française.

The unmatched crooner Julio Iglesias, the anti-star Yves Duteil, the newcomer-going-to-be-a-gigantic-seller Francis Cabrel and the historical French singer Tino Rossi are all part of this ranking. One specific word about Michel Sardou who looks like one among others on this list. In reality, he had various monster sellers during the decade and as much as three more albums from him were almost part of this ranking as they shifted over 900,000 units each.

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