France Album Sales: Rihanna

Talk That Talk (2011) Era

There is really not that much which can be done to stop Rihanna. With Talk That Talk album, the lead single was named We Found Love, a song from Calvin Harris. If the name of singles change, what doesn’t is their success.

We Found Love was five weeks #1, creating a lot of anticipation for the new album. It started with 26,153 units sold continuing the series of improving debut weeks. This was still not enough to top the album chart for the very first time as Adele terrific 21 blocked Talk That Talk from being a chart topper. In six weeks only, this album sold 116,000 units in 2011. Despite releasing one album per year and an incredible amount of singles, Rihanna has been showing outstanding consistency up to that point.

In January 2012 new single You Da One wasn’t that big, peaking at #23. Same for the title track that never went higher than #24. As always, solutions were found with fourth single being quickly issued and turning into one additional smash hit. Where Have You Been went #2 for two weeks in May. Down to #80 in March, the album climbed to #32 and resisted eight more months inside the Top 100 thanks to this hit. Adding 81,000 sales during 2012, the album was closing in 200,000 milestone. For 2012 year too, her 2010 album Loud sold a huge 36,000 units proving to be a great catalog seller.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. We Found Love  feat. Calvin Harris – 259,324,000
  2. Where Have You Been – 104,930,000
  3. You Da One– 55,425,000

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