France Album Sales: Rihanna

Music Of The Sun (2005) Era

A big #2 summer hit in the US, Rihanna debut single Pon De Replay quickly flooded urban airwaves of North America. Naturally, this success opened the doors of international market for the artists that saw her single become available everywhere in September.

As Singles Chart was still fully made of physical sales and Pon De Replay was already being played since a couple of months when released, the single peaked on its first week in France at #18. While this result was nothing ground breaking it was still quite a decent result for this profile of artist.

The album Music Of The Sun was released one week later and started at #93. After five weeks charted the record dropped out of the Top 200. This was the typical chart run of an album from a potential one-hit wonder which was targeted to a more single-oriented audience. The album sold 1,013 copies on its first week and 885-814-632-486 units on each of the following four weeks before leaving charts, a total of 3,830 copies. Obviously the album era hasn’t ended after only five weeks as the single charted for a total of  of 19 weeks, its own sales getting doubled after its initial five weeks of sales. Album sales increase more during the Christmas season yet, thus by April 2006 Music Of The Sun sales are estimated on 10,000 units.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Pon De Replay – 52,245,000
  2. If It’s Lovin’ That You Want – 4,966,000
  3. You Don’t Need Love – 1,717,000

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